How To Best Monetize User Data???

by bert81
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Through my company, we are able to collect data from our users. This data includes name, gender, location, age, email, phone #, and soon to be more.

My question though, is what is the best way to monetize this information? We have thousands of lines of user data, but I have been tasked with finding a way to maximize profit with it.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what they would do with it?
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    What does your company do ? and how do they collect their data?

    You could start promoting product to your list and see how that works. You could promote maybe 1-4 different products, then track your results and see if any are converting. Or you could sell solo ads...
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    I'll assume you have correct legal statements in your TOS that you can in fact sell this data.
    After that, I would take it to a list broker. Someone who already does and utilizes what you're selling. I would think such basic information would be less valuable, than say, consumer habits, but if you have enough of this data you should be able to rent it to interested parties.
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