Please Help with More Insights on Other Marketing Tactics for Specialized AI Tech Product

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Hi Fellow Warriors,

Please kindly allow me to pick your brains and gather some insights on other marketing tactics that could potentially produce viable results.
What we intend to do is promote a soon-to-be released tech product by tapping our partner public and private for-profit and not-for-profit organizations in relevant local and international industries with thousands of beneficiaries / members who are our ideal customers; and
We also have ties with BBC News and other international and many local multimedia outlets. With this:
What other marketing strategies could potentially generate decent results for the soon-to-be-released tech product below?

Our founder and fellow warrior Marx Melencio invented this AI-guided vision system for blind and low vision users (sir Marx is also completely blind); and
He has recently been awarded an equity-free inventor's grant by our national government's Department of Science & Technology. With this grant:
We'll be improving this proof of concept prototype software and will also be designing an optional wearable tech product to work seamlessly with the software and produce the best results for the user ...

Your thoughts would greatly be appreciated!!! Thanks in advance ...
P.S. This has already been featured in BBC News just this February:
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    Sorry @AGMCCALL if I wasn't clear in my original post.
    Anyway, my question is: What other marketing strategies could potentially generate decent results for the soon-to-be-released tech product (shown in my OP)?
    Hmmm... I mentioned this in my OP! Oh well ...

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    Much like dealing with retirement homes, or drivers ed, or programs for the developmentally challenged.. you need to target the care giver and not the actual user of your product.

    A search for terms such as "parents of blind children" or "blind spouse" etc would be a starting point for some content based marketing. Find blogs, vlogs,websites and send out some product for review? Target the same socially by finding and joining groups etc.

    Basically reach the community that cares for the target, and you have reached the target. Become an active part of the community, and offer the community a solution.
    Success is an ACT not an idea
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      This makes a lot of sense - Thanks for the great concept, Savidge4! I'll definitely share this in our brainstorming sessions when we're developing marketing campaign plans ...

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    Hello Kabayan

    I see that you are still on the prototyping, mvp phase. Have you done some product validation? Maybe try finding some local groups (online and offline) for the blind and get some feedback on your product and projected price point.
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      Hi PauloAdaoag. Thanks for your suggestion.

      Yes, we've done preliminary market validation, especially considering that our founder Marx Melencio is very much connected to public and private organizations locally and internationally, being regularly invited as our country's representative delegate, a resource consultant and guest speaker in various disability, business and ICT-related affairs and events all around the world ...

      These are institutions that look after the welfare of (and frequently have programs / activities for) PWDs (persons with disabilities), such as Resources for the Blind Ph, Asia Pacific Development Center on Disability Thailand, the United Nations, Nippon Foundation Japan, ICEVI US / EU, Philippine Blind Union, World Blind Union, the World Bank, DSWD Ph, DECS & CHED Ph, TESDA Ph, DOLE Ph and so on ...

      Plus, this is part of our project with the DOST for the inventor's grant - Market validation and field testing across the beneficiaries of our partner organizations; and

      I'll definitely include in our brainstorming sessions for marketing campaign development your suggestion to find online groups / communities and fuse this into what Savidge4 mentioned earlier - Thanks again!

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    You are just try to promote your video in forum. and wanted to created a backlink. But those type of naked link is harmful to your blog.

    1. Add 300+ word in description
    2. try to add more information in video
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      Milan Pew,

      Huh?! Why in the world would we be keen on promoting an AI tech product for the blind on a marketing forum with most of its members all looking for get rich quick schemes?; and

      Why in the world would we want a non-relevant contextual backlink from a non-relevant nofollow site? We already have much, much higher quality links (and can get more) in BBC News and other local and international multimedia outlets and more relevant community platforms and niche sites dedicated to discussions and content about PWD-related stuff. Also:

      The product isn't even out in the market yet, and the inventor's grant from our national government's Department of Science & Technology is for a 1.5-year development project ...

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    Have a blog for the product and regularly blog about the challenges your potential customers may encounter in the course of using or not using your product.
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