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Hi guys,

So I've decided to try and do some real estate arbitrage connecting buyers and sellers for a finders fee. I've been doodling around on Craigslist but ehhh, not a good time. I need some ideas of where would be a good place for advertising and what kind of target markets are good. I'm starting from zero on this one i.e no budget. Any cool ideas to share?
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    Hi Guys,

    I'm doing some real estate arbitrage connecting buyers and sellers for a small finder's fee. I want to do these from scratch with zero budget (I want to make it into a WSO). Where would you suggest I find good leads other than Craigslist (yuck).
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      You may want to try scanning, for lack of a better word, legit classified ads, like the online ads offered by actual physical newspapers.

      Look for three things:

      > FSBO, or For Sale By Owner, listings, especially if you see hints of desperation. Ad has been running for awhile, price drops, phrases like 'motivated seller' or 'owner financing available.'

      > Realtor ads using the same 'desperation' language.

      > You might find buyers by looking for those "we buy ugly houses' type ads, typically placed by investors and flippers.

      Sometimes you can find sellers via public records - people behind on their mortgages, or not paying property tax, etc.

      Banks are another possibility -- banks do not want to be in the real estate business, and may offer a referral fee for bringing legit buyers of bank-owned property.

      TL;DR version: Look for people eager to sell due to life situations, and people who buy multiple properties who are always on the lookout for opportunities.
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    In most states you cannot enforce a finders fee agreement unless you are a licensed real estate agent. So that is the risk you take.
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      Oh did not know that, thank you, I'll do some investigating on it.
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    have you checked the local Real Estate Investor organization? they may have newsletters, often have open houses, and other networking opportunities.
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    You have need to post your ads on the local classified websites i.e. targeted country is USA then post ads on the usa classified & business listing websites. There are more websites i.e. manta, yelp, locanto, hotfrog etc.
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    You can try facebook & google ads.
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