How to qualify restaurant owner prospects?

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How to qualify restaurant owner prospects?

What I've done so far : Researched over 25 pizza restaurants that I want to provide Facebook marketing for.

Studied how I can help them by researching other businesses in the niche but in different states. As well as over 15 YouTube and some courses. What's missing is how to qualify the pizza restaurant owner face to face.

Brian Tracy says to make the prospect demonstrate a desire to enjoy the benefits of your product/service. So I would like to know what to ask the pizza restaurant owner to make him demonstrate a desire of my service?

My plan is to walk-in and ask for the owner, I read it's best to come in empty handed to not look like a salesman. But I'm also curious when or at what stage do I make the presentation. ( I have a proposals and sales material that I'm supposed to send via email to prospects based on a course I've studied)

I want to integrate scarcity to make them eager to work with me, ( I will be looking for a pizza restaurant in this area to help them grow their social media presence and take advantage of all the people looking for a place to eat)

This is the thoughts I'm juggling at the moment looking for some clarity/ advice on this please. Also any sales books to simplify this enigma or threads you can refer me to will really help now.

I love pizza and see the potential ☺ just want them to believe in me.

Thanks in advance
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