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Hi. I am getting into lead generation and a lot of the videos I have watched on youtube use a lightbox effect on rank and rent websites. It looks like they rank and website for a local niche business and the website itself does not look very good imo but then when it has rank they use a wordpress lightbox plugin to overlay the website of the business than rents the website over the top of the ranked website so when people view the ranked website they see the renting business website instead. They say in the video that this does not affect SEO but I want to make sure that Google would not read that lightboxed website overlay instead and penalize the renting business website for duplicate content.

Does the crawler ignore the lightbox website overlay and only index what is truly on the website? Is this the method those of you that do rank and rent use? Does anyone know of reasons not to do this? Would it be better to just build the ranked website to look good and have it have no overlay in a lightbox?

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