The myth of "adwords is too expensive" - how to do it right

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First this is NOT about my believing in Adwords over other marketing channels.
What this is about is a huge error I see being made over and over again regarding a few things.

One, that Google adwords is "too expensive" or "doesn't work for me"

Two, the fight about Adwords vs Facebook marketing and why folks considering one or the other are choosing wrong 100% of the time.

It would of taken an hour to type this out so I did a video.

#adwords is too expensive #myth
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    Yes, of course, google adwords is cheaper than facebook
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    What do you reckon about the suggested bids for keywords by Adwords in niches where there is high competition?
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      Originally Posted by Ajit Khodke View Post

      What do you reckon about the suggested bids for keywords by Adwords in niches where there is high competition?
      I take them as just that, a suggestion... I don't let it influence my strategy and testing...
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    Hi, I think Google Adword is cheaper and better than Facebook Adds. I think.
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    No such thing as Google ads is expensive, just bad Google ads practitioners. Its "expensive" because it works.
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      Originally Posted by Michael Nguyen View Post

      Its "expensive" because it works.
      If it works, it's not expensive.

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    Wow. Amazing advice. Thanks Peter.
    : )

    I love the part about taking "responsibility " about not being successful with AdWords (etc.) I could be wrong however I'm guessing that's where many People give up?
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  • You have to give your time in Google Adwords at least 2 months with your set budget. You will understand each and everything and you will become expert to manage this. In this cheap budget, you can get good leads.
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    Well both the Adwords and Facebook ads are good considering your business. what is your business domain and who are your target audience. Adwords is expensive if you don't have the right selection of keywords and target audience. In the Same way facebook is good for brand awareness and content Marketing. Other than that you can sell your products on both the platforms but adwords is a better Choice.
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  • Interesting and thought provoking message.

    But do you admit for some businesses...Adwords does not work?
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    This concept is very interesting and something new for me. And i think adwords will not work for this.
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