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"Let me paint so you don't have to"

That was my headline. I placed an ad on Craigslist when I was looking for extra money. I didn't even put a phone number, because I only wanted a few jobs. I got more reply emails than I could handle. I turned more work down than I actually took on. I didn't do anything with the leads, it just wasn't worth the additional effort to me at the time. I also got people asking if I could do additional things for them - gutter cleaning, windows, etc.

I'm not a professional painter, but I was rehabbing a house I bought to flip and had the supplies. I wanted to put them to use. In the ad, I stated that they picked out and bought the paint, covered what they didn't want to get paint on (furniture, etc), and I would supply the labor. I charged $200 for two rooms, or $175 per room for 3 or more. I could usually do three rooms in 4 hours.

One guy has updated his entire kitchen already. He had also refinished the hardwood floors and installed new carpet. He just didn't like to paint. He wanted somebody else to, and that's exactly who my ad was for.

I did several jobs over the period of about two weeks. This was last summer, so not long ago.

Anyway, that was just a small single Craigslist ad. I thought I would share it for people looking to make extra money out there. It could be anything, not just painting.
There's almost always somebody looking for what you are offering.
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