Lumpy mail on wierd holidays?

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As a freelance web developer I have a small list of clients, a few who I have mailing addresses for (I've started asking for that on my contract even though I work online). I have a goal to stay top of mind to keep business going and maybe also get referrals.

For a fun outreach campaign I thought I'd look up unusual holidays and send people a note by lumpy mail, email, or voicemail in that order of preference. It would go like this.


Today is international merchant's day in the US. 236 years ago (in 1783) a group of sailors raised their flags to full mast. They were celebrating a policial victor, the withdrawal of the cotton tax. Overnight this change added 20% to their margins and allowed them to grow their businesses into the newly profitable southern reaches of Latin America.

I know your pet business is far removed from the early cotton trade. All the same, I have included your ship to celebrate this special day for merchants everywhere. You are welcome to affix a little flag of your choosing on the mast.

Happy International Merchant's Day!

Web Developer

PS: I'm currently available for website enhancements to your or a friend's ecommerce site. Do you have a project in mind? If so, go to my calendly at or send me an email directly at... to talk about it.

Is this a fair way to generate repeat business or referrals? If not I'm open to any other suggestions
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    Indeed, yes!
    We send out similar daily emails for our clients and they're very popular. We know because we encourage responses... :-)
    I refer to them as nurturing emails. Primary purpose is to educate, and entertain and get people opening and reading the emails. Any sales made (as in your PS) are bonuses.
    Then occasionally when you hit them with a sales campaign, they're much more likely to open and read them and, of course, buy.
    If you just hit them with frequent salesy emails, they're turned off and stop reading...

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    I think this is such a great idea ! I enjoyed reading your mock email and the short, sweet plug for your business at the end was perfectly placed. I think that would be well received. What a creative idea.
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      Originally Posted by sgalla414 View Post

      ! I enjoyed reading your mock email and the short,
      Think the O.P. was referring to mailing a actual letter

      Great idea just remember to stay consistent with this approach, the first few times they may not respond. Someone on the forum use to promote this type of project. Can not remember his name. Think he was a former real estate agent.
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    I've sent cards out and grabbers/lumpy mail on Thanksgiving and received great responses. Everyone gets one on Christmas etc...but sticks out and has worked out nicely.
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