The 5 most effective corporate event giveaways

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As a marketer, we have attended corporate events, and expect small tokens/giveaways whenever we visit the booth of a sponsor. I myself have been to countless corporate events both as a sponsor and an attendee, and I have concluded that there are five items which will surely help everyone generate leads:

Leather journals

Giving away a leather journal with the logo of your company imprinted on the front cover not only lends a personalised branding feeling, but also the notion that your brand is pretty much exposed elsewhere and people see "Brand A" on their colleague's journal. It's something.

Free trial of a software

For IT vendors, nothing beats giving customers the option to test your product, especially if you're selling a software. Trials not only give customers the option of hands-on using your product and immerse in features and all, but also opens up avenues for discussion and negotiation.


One of the most versatile corporate giveaways, tees always entice people to sign up at your corporate booth, and potentially become new leads you want to tap into. T-shirts also last long - your customers will wear them regardless of where they're going or what they're doing, at the same that your brand is also seen anywhere.

Water tumblers

I mentioned in my post that I have a bamboo tumbler, which I received when I attended an event about educational technology last year, and this particular tumbler bears the stamped logo of an event sponsor. Water tumblers made of bamboo has also been a trend lately, mainly because bamboo is a sustainable material.

Power banks

This giveaway is a no-brainer, since everyone practically owns a smartphone. Just have your company logo stamped on a 5000-mAh power bank, and event attendees will remember you for that power bank you gave away.

Do you have any other corporate giveaways you'd like to share? Let us know!
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    On booths that we have run, I have found two items, apart from some of the ones you mentioned, to have done really well:

    Branded Pens
    Everyone likes a nice pen, so if you can get your logo on a pen and bring a bunch of them to your booth you're going to have many people show up and take some. Make sure that the design stands out, and make it obvious that they can take one. Other people are going to see the pen on their desk or in their hand too, and they're going to ask them about it. Word quickly goes out this way, which is an added plus!

    Baseball Caps
    This is very similar to a Tshirt, but it's much easier for people to carry them around adn gift them in some instances. They have been very popular at some of the booths we've run. Just make sure to get your logo stamped on them, and maybe a short message. Your attendees will remember your company once they reach back to their office or hoe and look at the cap.
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    I attended many events, and one of the few that made a deep impression is a blockchain company gave me a crypto-physical card that I can use to spend in the outlet that accepts crypto payment.
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    This is what the Advertising Specialty Institute survey of promotional products found:
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    Mugs with company logo, passport wallet, calendar and gift vouchers are excellent promotional items too.
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    Reading glasses,Reusable folding water bottles,Rainbow suncatchers,Fidget spinners,Branded food are also good giveaways in a corporate event.
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  • Amazon Voucher, branded coupons, and online take away's are always best, as you get visibility by tagging your brand with reputed brands. People will trust and love your brand by leaving the choice to them.

    Try to give daily using product, hence people will remember your brand.
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    There's a book. Giftology.........says all those ideas from the OP would be the worst gifts to give.

    Making Calls To Sell Something? What are you actually saying?
    Is there any room for improvement? Want to find out?

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    Free trials of software suits me..
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    I really like T-Shirts. I think they are great corporate gifts for everyone. People will surely wear them
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