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Instead of trying to get non-users/buyers to buy,
it's so much easier to get users/buyers to upgrade, move.

Doing so allows you to craft your message easier,
faster and becomes more responsive
leading to more money.

This won't work in all types of situations,
but it should be a go-to strategy to see if it will.

Claude has spoken about getting a list of vacuum cleaner buyers
who bought from a door salesman and the age of the cleaner.

Easy to come up with a low resistance offer to service them,
which leads to the buying of another high priced vacuum cleaner.

Let's give another example.

Subscribers to a Dish Network.

Your supplier offers a benefit far more compelling. then all the others and you are with
Direct TV.

Get a list of subscribers to Dish, EchoStar, and C-Band,

Any good list broker will have them.

You don't have to be a creative pitch genius now.

You no longer have to talk about the advantages of a dish tv, just your difference compared to the others...even down to the specific one you know they are subscribed to.

Whether you have door knockers or run ads, it still applies.

If you know your product or service is much better than specific brands,
get a list of those users and market to them.

Applies to consumer and b2b.

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      These people that sent you stuff are not doing what Ewen is talking about.

      They are sending you their offers because they think: this guy is going to move; most people who move buy stuff like ours.

      If they had done what Ewen is talking about, they'd have done one more step, cross-referrenced you with a list of people who bought what they are selling, or similar things, via the buying method they proposed you.

      And take into account how long it takes to actually sell.

      Better marketers will hit you in a couple of months, if the usual time it takes to close is 3, in 5 if it takes 6.

      Would be interesting to know if any of them send you anything more.

      Originally Posted by animal44 View Post

      No it doesn't.

      Just before Christmas and offer was made and accepted on our UK home.
      We're now getting movers sending us ads through the post.

      1. We don't want or need a Mover at this time. We'll want them at exchange of contracts which is maybe 3, 6 , 9 months down the line. If we even get that far.

      2. There are no offers. They're all "We're a family owned company been around for a gazillon years..." Nothing that makes any one of them stand out.

      3. We have about a dozen to choose from.

      So, wrong message at the wrong time, all mixed up with competition.

      And this is the issue with buying from a List broker. The info is sold many times over.

      When we're ready, we'll likely look for a recommendation.

      And if our estate agent had've made a recommendation, it may well have been at least considered.

      Or we are considering sending almost everything to freecycle/charity and buying new for our new home.

      In other words, those dozen companies have wasted their money...
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    I think its a good idea because i think its more easy to make people upgrade instead of buying .Because if they buy means they trust you and they will upgrade also
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