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Greetings all!
I'm looking for various trade magazines and online advertising opportunities.
The business I am a part of is an aftermarket manufacturer/supplier which means our main sales points are for distributors and OEMS.

Do you think trade magazine ads and online advertising is the best way to go?
If so, what are some manufacturing magazines or other options.

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    I've watched this post sit here and so I'll say hi and address a couple things that might help. First, you don't say what you're an aftermarket producer of. Car parts? Cell phone accessories? Video game accessories? Cookware? Sex toys? If you want to market anything you're going to have to be more clear in your communication. It's difficult to give specific answers to vague questions.

    Second, if you are the one in the business, should you not be the one aware of the trade publications of your business? Have you done research? Or are you just hoping others will give you some answers? That gets to mindset which is why I ask.

    I don't have answers for you but I have some questions that I hope make you think about the way you're approaching this so that you put yourself in better position to get the knowledge that you seek.

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  • umc I have done a lot of research and had made a list of the potential trade publications that we could advertise in. To clear up my questions, I was wondering between the two which were more effective for others. Trade magazines or online PPC ads.
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  • Online PPC ads all the way! I've worked in the b2b and construction industry thats on and offline.

    Funny story about Magazine ads. Years ago one of our clients owned an auto repair shop. Come renewal time the price went up by like 19k or something. They said no because no one ever called the unique number they used in the ad. The magazine wanted their business so bad they said we put one edition with a full page color ad for
    "FREE" oil change...if at least two people claim it...then you renew? They made a deal...a monthly later. Only one person called from the ad but they didn't even bother showing up LOL

    Got some basic Google and Instagram local ads going ...some days their phone rang 30 times and every single one booked an appointment.

    I'm sure some magazines do ok for some people or vertices...but I doubt very many!

    Here is another pro tip for the aftermarket part world... look for TRADE SHOWS that are in that industry....get a small booth....bring tons of business cards and hire a few models ...get as many leads you can get alot of face to face interactions...and if your sales process is done right...can always easily pay for them...and we are talking including your travel and entertainment expense! We also always give away some apple product like an apple TV and I watches..because why not!

    Then scale it out to multiple shows... some of our clients even take this a step further and pay a small team to attend all the shows to mingle and pass around cards and talk shop.

    But in all honesty ...Online ads ...the way to go!!
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