Direct Mail V's Adwords: And the winner is...

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In this case.

Back in 2012 I posted the result of a small direct mail campaign by a builder
investing $86 and got back $17,800...
a 209 to 1 return on his money.

That was in Auckland

Since then I gave the dad of a Florida builder
the same ad and he modified it for Adwords and to a website.

Invested under $50 and got $150,000 worth of work
then had the ad shut down.

The links below are images from the direct mail.

A learning you can takeaway from this is an ad in one media that works
is likely going to work in another media, even in a different country and
a few years later.

I gave a client a Yellow Pages ad for a plumber
in Auckland and he converted it for an electrician.

I knew the revenue that YP ad brought in.

Ran it in Craigslist and it became a new $30,000 per
month revenue stream for the electrician in the US.

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    Ewen, the links aren't working.
    Thank you for all your excellent posts.
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      Originally Posted by earman View Post

      Ewen, the links aren't working.
      Thank you for all your excellent posts.
      Let me upload the images onto another host.

      Thanks for letting me know.


      Link is now working
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    Love your post.

    That's awesome what you did.

    I still remember your post about the website thing that worked so well.

    Have you done any Facebook ads? And if so, how did they work compared to your other efforts?
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    Wow - phenomenal results. Thanks for sharing. Also love the image conjured by "kids under your feet" -- thought that was a nice leading bullet...
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