10 Step Digital Marketing Plan

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1. Online Branding
?--? Research your audience. To build your brand online, you must first
have a clear understanding of your audience, especially before you
begin creating content strategies and communication plans.
?--? Custom Online Graphics to control your Business Brand
?--? Give your brand a voice. Based on your research, determine what your
audience wants to hear and what message you want to put forward.
Create Blogs, Articles and Videos to Brand your Business
?--? Balance your online media mix. Work to build your brand through
multiple channels. Use display and content networks to build your
brand through repetition, and get your ads out infront of your target
audience using behavioral targeting, site specific targeting and
?--? Plan your social media integration. What do you want your brand to
say or do online? What types of interactions do you want your
consumers to have with your business?
?--? Build up your reputation online. Building your reputation online. It's
important to have a clearly defined strategy for reaching your
?--? All your Web, Blog and Social Media Graphics must match.

2. Social Media Marketing
?--? Create Facebook Marketing Campaign. Daily postings 1 to 3 times per
day. Post creative and engaging posts to get interaction including Likes
and Comments. Act as clients FB Page and Like, Comment and Engage
the Top 50 industry related Facebook Pages. Result - Improve Online
Branding/Find New Clients
?--? Twitter Marketing Strategy: Daily Postings 3-5 times per day. There
needs to be daily interaction with Twitter Followers. ReTweeting,
connecting with Top Influencers and industry related Bloggers.
@Replies and Direct Messages need to be answered real time if
possible. Result - Improve Online Branding/Find New Clients
?--? Create an Instagram Account Daily postings 1 to 3 times per day. Post
creative and engaging posts to get interaction including Likes and
Comments. Find and Follow the Top 50 industry related Instagram
Profiles. Result - Improve Online Branding/Find New Clients
?--? LinkedIn Company Page
Create LinkedIn Company Page. Build out Keyword Optimized LinkedIn
Company page. Leverage Personal and Company Linkedin Profiles to
find new business, joint ventures and control online brand. Website,
Blog and all Social Media must match
?--? Get Your Business on the other 50+ Social Media, Video, Blogging,
Bookmarking and Directory Sites.
?--? Create a Social Media Strategy to engage connections and control your
online brand.

3. Search Marketing
?--? Google Adwords
?--? Yahoo/Bing/MSN
?--? Buys - Display Network - LeadBolt, AdCash, AdBlase
?--? LinkedIn Ads
?--? Facebook Ads
?--? Search Marketing Campaign - Place Ads on Google , Yahoo and Bing.
Drive traffic to web site or lead capture page. Result - Leads/New

4. SEO
?--? Optimize your Website with proper Title, Header, Meta Tags and H1,
H2 and H3 Tags
?--? Create a link building strategy
?--? Anchor Text Variation
?--? Social Media must be present on Website
?--? Blog Page in Website
?--? Create a Site Map
?--? Local SEO with Google Places/Local/Maps - Yahoo/Bing/MSN Maps -
Directory Marketing

5. Content
?--? Create Video Marketing Campaign. This will include slide shows,
powerpoints and live footage. Perform Keyword research to determine
getting Google Page One Rankings. Optimize current videos for more
views and lead generation. Result - Improve Online Branding/Find
New Clients
?--? Create a Blogger/Wordpress Page and Install Facebook Developer
Widget on Blog, Website and all other Social Media Assets. Result -
Improve Online Branding/Find New Clients
?--? Press Release Marketing - Create Press Releases for all upcoming
events and promote them out through all top PR Web services. Repost
all Press Releases on Social Media sites. Result - Improve Online
Branding/Find New Clients
?--? Create Article Marketing Campaign - Submit Articles to all top Article
Submission Sites - Use Articles for SEO Strategy and Social Media

6. Traffic Distribution
?--? Set up all Social Booking Marking sites and Social Status Aggregators.
Will be using both of these sites to push out content on a daily basis.
Result - Improve Web Traffic and Online Brand
?--? Paid Search Media - Media Buys
?--? Status Updating Sites - Social Media
?--? Local Business Marketing
?--? Email Campaign
?--? Traffic Through Ranking Your Content
?--? Build Keyword Driven Mini Websites
?--? PPC Campaigns - Google/Yahoo/Bing/MSN/Facebook/LinkedIn
?--? Retargeting

7. Mobile Marketing
?--? Mobile Application - Create Mobile Branded App to be used for
iPhones/Androids. Result - Improve Online Branding/Find New Clients
?--? Mobile Texting Campaign
?--? Mobile Application
?--? Mobile Application Download Strategy
?--? Mobile Friendly Website

8. E-mail Campaign
?--? Email list of current clients
?--? Newsletter Campaign
?--? Email Capture Form
?--? Email Broadcast System
?--? Email Follow System

9. Reputation Management
?--? Google Alerts
?--? Yelp
?--? RSS Feed Strategy Based On Keywords
?--? Bad Review Removal System
?--? Tracking Your Reputation On Social Media
?--? Engage and Manage any Bad Reviews

10. Lead Generation
?--? Lead Capture On Website
?--? Lead Capture On Blog
?--? Lead Capture On Social Media
?--? Getting a Facebook Like is a LEAD !!!
?--? Internet Based Sales Funnel
?--? Internet Based Videos
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