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In honor of the new offline sub-forum, I want to share with you a technique that I have successfully used to get clients and position myself as one of the 'good guys'.

It is a 5 page report on a way to leverage charities to get you new clients into your business.

Instead of having you head over to my site and enter your contact info, I am attaching it to this post.

I hope you enjoy it!


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    Hi Scott, great idea for lead generation.

    regards, LASSE
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  • Profile picture of the author Brad Spencer
    Dude, Scott you ROCK!

    Helping people and building business at the same time...man it really doesn't get better than that. Glad I found you on this forum. I opted in where requested to get the free stuff...can't wait to hear about more of your products.



    PS- We should get on the phone sometime as well!
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    Great idea... and nice looking PDF too. Thank you.
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    What a great idea! Thanks for sharing the report and examples on the site!
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    Thanks everyone for the feedback!

    I had originally planned to let this go as a WSO, but it just seemed selfish considering the nature of the report.

    If anyone implements this, please let me know how it worked for you. I would love to hear!

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    This is a great idea! I am going to start using this to compliment my school fundraiser program.


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    This is a big picture strategy.

    The strategy itself is not designed to get cash from the initial sale. You absolutely could set up the offer so you keep a cut. I personally have not structured it this way, because I felt the offer would be stronger if all of the money went to the charity. But you absolutely could make a great offer with only a portion going to charity.

    Also, you could offer any combination of services you wanted for whatever price. The list I have is just what I used.

    The Power of This
    The way it was structured, each one of these has converted into secondary purchases. In the report you will see I included two items that, when combined in the offer, practically forces them to buy more services from you. And yes, it works.

    Then it has also generated leads coming into the business which are very interested in what I have to offer. They want the same pricing the other business got, but understand that there are no more donations that can be made. So any further sales go into your pocket as well.

    I hope that explains it better,
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    Great report Scott!

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    Scott, i took this and seen an adaptation where i will add the menu style flier to the top of a small giveaway guide that covers what i do.

    the menu (as it is known) will cover in bullet points whats in the small guide and i like the idea of the presentation / brochure style and see a presentation folder set to make it all nice.

    My mind now races as i see it would take me a few seconds to make some calls around to some non competitive business i know / ? graphic arts / web design etc and charge them a few bucks to advertise / add to my menu / + drop in their business card to my presentation folder.

    Get that right i will be able to 100% cover the costs of making some high end kits up that look mickey mouse and would be great for things like trade shows / business meet n greets and other similar events / even to post or to meet with clients.

    I like the idea / thanks
    | > Choosing to go off the grid for a while to focus on family, work and life in general. Have a great 2020 < |
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    Only 5 pages but packed with lots of valuable information. Thanks for getting straight to the point and delivering on excellent content.
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      Thanks for sharing Scott, your report was short and to the point. I'm meeting with a non profit this week to talk about some of their upcoming charitable events. This adds another idea to the mix.
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  • Profile picture of the author Bruce NewMedia
    Scott, I just downloaded and read this: Honestly one of the best, most generous ways to Do Well, by Doing Good.....I loved it!
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    • Profile picture of the author omurchu
      Great report Scott and a great way to build your rep. and get some business too.
      I signed up for the full report but your link leads to "page not found" error?

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  • Profile picture of the author ElaineBaker
    Excellent report Scott - I too have signed up for the full report but the link sends me to a page not found.
    Let us know when it's all up and running.
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    Thanks for sharing it. Nice tips.
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  • Profile picture of the author Steven Carl Kelly
    Ugh... never mind my ignorance. And thanks!
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  • Profile picture of the author Adrian John
    Haven't read recently any WSO more applicable than this one.
    Thanks for your generous share, i'll try to implement it and i will let you know the results.
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  • Profile picture of the author JayBay
    Wondering this as well.

    What can I do to be more helpful to you?

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  • Profile picture of the author Scott Voss
    Hi everyone,

    I sincerely apologize for the missing link and the delay in noticing it. My offline clients have managed to keep me pretty busy and I have not been tending to the forum lately (or much else, for that matter). But...

    I have fixed the link and you can download the file now!

    Just go back to the email my autoresponder sent you and try to download again.

    I feel really bad that a decent number of you ended up getting the dreaded 404 instead of the report, even if it was a freebie.

    To make it up to you, I want to give back just a little bit more.

    I have another technique I have used which did a great job getting my foot-in-the-door with prospective clients. And, I have not heard of anyone doing this, so I am pretty sure it is unique.

    I'm going to go ahead and share that technique with anyone that got "screwed" by the link being down.

    I will set aside some time this week to write it out and have it ready by Friday (5/25).

    If you were one of the ones who got "screwed", then just send an email to my autoresponder email address (which sent you the broken link). Make sure the only thing in the subject line is this exactly:

    Unscrew Me, Scott

    If I get your email before I finish and upload the report on Friday, then I will reply back to your email with the link.

    Just please... make sure the subject line is EXACTLY what I wrote above, because I will be using that to filter out the requests and send the response.

    Thanks again,
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  • Profile picture of the author AngelTraveler
    Thanks for this report. This is a great idea for raising money as well as helping our own business. Thanks Scott for the method to do this as I have an event coming up soon I could implement this on.
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  • Profile picture of the author kershawm
    Wow, that's a great strategy!

    I am actually about to release a WSO that is different but somewhat related to your ideas. It has a lot to do with using Charities as a win-win strategy. It makes it easy when you deal with people that want your help.......no cold calling on clients involved!

    Very cool. I will try this or even adapt this as part of my strategy.

    Semi Retired Offline Consultant

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