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i have been catching some slack about my handle name "internetpro" it was just something i thought of really quick i guess i was dreaming lol. but any ways i am above average in the sales department not trying to boast. I feel that it is my stronger area than IM. What i was looking to do is find a good solid place to outsource my projects to. Does any one have any suggestions.

i would like to offer

article writing
article submission
video submission
market research "key word"
build web if needed

for starters
#outsourceing #solid
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    What's going on Internetpro? You can outsource your projects replacemyself.com, manila.craigslist.com, odesk, Vworkers.com, and elance.com. These the places I have the most success with.
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    You're welcome internetpro. The best place to outsource is the Philiphines. Are money goes further over there $1.00 USD is $43 Philiphine pesos. Filipinos value are money more. I have one guy from the Philiphines who has been with me for 4 years.
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      I use elance mostly.

      If you are looking to outsource directly without a moderation site, then go to the Philippines section under resumes and you can find some good people there. Obviously, you will have to do more "weeding out" to find the good eggs, but it's a great place to start if you don't want to use elace or odesk.
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    Philiphines is the best. use onlinejobs.ph!

    Also, DONT EVER PAY anyone until the work is completed
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    feel free to visit my blog Outsourcing Control for some helpful information. also, I'd like to hear how your next outsourcing project goes...:-

    Mtn Jim
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      Yep! Great advice here.

      Definitely check out Craigslist in the Philippines.

      I've been getting full time people there for $250 a month!

      Also don't hire someone part time. They may be good in
      the beginning, but since they're part time they will take
      another job to fill that "gap." Once they get another job,
      the work they will deliver you will begin to lack what you're
      looking for. If you have them on full time this means that
      they will focus on your project only.

      Also make sure to make a very firm rule that they contact
      you everyday. Even if what they did that day was minor,
      be sure to put your foot down and be very firm about them
      contacting you on a daily basis.

      One last thing, when I first hire somebody I give them a
      difficult task first. Most of the time you will get people
      that will just disappear because they lack the confidence
      in trying to figure it out themselves. You want to hire
      problem solvers. The ones that figure it out are the ones
      you want to hire...
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    Determining the number of IT outsourcing companies, the policy has been chosen, those with more than 10 employees directly involved in software development for the purchase of services. In accordance with the findings had a bit 'of an increase in IT outsourcing companies. business closures in 2008 was insignificant. staff reductions of 5-7% across the industry led to the creation of new businesses laid off workers, many of them set up their own businesses or start-up projects.
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    Many people prefer odesk as well as craiglist isn't bad but it takes a bit of trial and error if you're trying out new suppliers and freelacners. Unless someone gives you their trusted supplier list but then there's usually still better deals out there.
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    you can check oDesk or if your looking for really professional you can check my signature..
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