Extremely Difficult Time w/ Local Keywords and Data

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Hey guys,

I've been searching through the forums for this one question for quite sometime..I've seen it partially answered and tried to ask for elaboration on it but have been unsuccessful...if anyone can I would really appreciate it.

1.) What is a sure fire way of obtaining REAL local search data that I can present to a possible client- i.e: how can I find the number of searches in the past week, month, year for the term "mobile alabama dentist"
A.) I've been referred to google insights, but it doesn't really help me in this case.

2.) What is a good way to sell additional keywords to clients. The way I work is I charge more for more keywords the client want's targeted, but sometimes I'm hard pressed to come up with something to pitch to them that might help increase their business.
A.) I'm not looking for a thesaurus...I want to provide my clients with useful keywords that they should be ranking for i.e: I want to say to a client...hey DR. SAM, you are @ the top of google for mobile, AL chiropractor but my research shows that the term mobile, AL back pain is getting significant searches as well, so how do you feel about ranking for this term as well.

Thanks so much in advance.
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