What are the best modifiers?

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I am curious as to your thoughts.......

Do you prefer to use modifiers at the beginning or the end of a domain if the exact match is not available?



would you:




Please leave your input I think this thread will help people alot.

Also include the most common modifiers you use;

I use modifiers mostly on the ending:
97846 = zip code for more targeted search

plumbers near 97846
plumbers in 97846

not a huge search volume with the zips but some of them do get traffic because of it.

So let's get going.....
I am waiting to see what you all say.

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    Yes absolutely.

    Things like:

    recommended (although a little long)

    I'm sure there are loads more LOL


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    Ill second russells post above, adding "only" which I have used a few times but you need the right domain for it.
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      Originally Posted by GeorgeO7 View Post

      I actually have seen this when I was doing initial research on a few areas.

      Next item for discussion is.....

      Do you prefer to do site maintenance (fix seo issues, and maintain rankings..)


      Rent the site to the businesses?

      And simply continue to maintain your site and rent it for a monthly fee instead?

      Can you give feedback on each method?

      Thanks for your input!


      P.S I make awesome Kettle Corn.

      P.S.S like my fanpage so you can know about my next case giveaway contest. Only FANS can win!
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    I prefer to develop the site, get it rank for specific keywords, turning it into a lead gen site and then either rent the site and associated leads or sell the leads.

    People like to know that they will get a return on investment if they rent the site foam you, so make sure you have some Call To Action that is directly measurable.

    The changes to Google Places has made it better and worse in some aspects. It looks like a site that has good organic ranking with remain in the first few places on the front page, even if it isn't linked to a places account. It may be harder to stand out in highly competitive niches where there are many Places competitors.

    I have also found with my testing in a number of local niches that the search volumes for key phrases with the modifiers at the end seems to be higher than those with the modifier in front.

    Example: cosmetic dentistry sydney vs sydney cosmetic dentistry
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      I know that Nigel automorphic, but it is mostly cosmetic mods and I'm looking for something in the field of performance. BTW I saw that he and his team do amazing cosmetic mods for a pulsar, an Avenger and CBZ.
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