Best Day To Close A Small Business (Off Topic?)

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Hey everybody... not really sure if this belongs here, but I would love to get my fellow warrior's input.

I own a small business and have decided to close one day a week (currently running 7 days a week).

So I pose the question... Which do you think is the best day of the week to close a brick and mortar business and why?
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    What kind of business? If a restaurant, then I might say Monday.

    I guess one way to do it would be to go through your financial records. What day is your least profitable day most often?


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      I was checking out the books today. Monday, tuesday, wednesday seem to be pretty even.
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        Hi Bondtana

        Any of them would work.

        If they are similar in turnover then you might want to consider Tuesday as often it gets called "cheap Tuesday" due to the lack of buyers.

        Hope that helps


        Bronwyn and Keith
        Originally Posted by Bondtana View Post


        I was checking out the books today. Monday, tuesday, wednesday seem to be pretty even.
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    You can go for Monday as Monday is the first day of the week so every body is going to be busy with their schedule. Its better to close the shop rather than coming one or two people.
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    As said above, look at your least profitable day of the week.
    But, also look at the area. In my area, almost all businesses are closed on Sunday do to the community. (We are in the Guiness Book of World Records for the most churches on one street. We have more churches per square foot, than anywhere else.)
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  • Here in Italy shops are closing on Sunday and half day on Monday.
    Restaurants instead took Wednesday as closing day.

    See you,
    Alessandro Zamboni
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      It would have to be the day when your profits are lower in average.
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    Christmas and Thanksgiving only. = )
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    Sundays if you are a US domestic business. Might also recommend just culling back the hours on your lower income days (Monday and Tuersday... just go from 10 to 2 or something).
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      Many of the small businesses in our area are closed on Sundays and Mondays and some have limited hours on Saturday. Much depends upon the type of clientele you serve.


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    monday is typically the day small businesses are closing. In general monday is the worst responding day for any offer. We ran a big infomercial product for many years and bascially took monday off every week on our spend because not only was response down but people typically bought at a lower rate. Being a Retail/Jewelry store I am guessing monday has to be the least likely day some one would buy jewlery. Just guessing here but i am sure most gifts of jewlery are given on weekends..friday,sat, those are typically more of the date nights or days off for people... My vote would be monday...unless your a dunkin donuts or starbucks..monday is a bad day for impulse items.
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      The correct answer is found in your sales data.

      What is your least profitable day?

      Note - I did NOT say lowest gross sales revenue. I said profit.

      Determine that and then figure what that contribution is in relation to your overall business.

      Other factors to consider:
      • Is your competitor open 7 days/week?
      • Will your customers then shop your competitors and cost you market share?
      • Does your market expect 7 days/week service?
      • And so on...
      Think about all of the the effects of closing one day per week

      You may or may not find it wise to close on that or any other day.


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    What days are most convenient to you? I mean, I think the reason why you're closing shop is to get rest right? Or if not, what day, based on experience, has the lowest sales? that would be a good start.
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    TE is correct. You need to examine your sales and profit data for all days and maybe need to be open 7 days a week. The other thing to consider is to look at all your hours and adjust them if needed. Many small businesses are closed on days that would have been profitable to them.
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    I would say Sunday but since it is not one of your worst days then go with Monday, everyone hates Mondays anyways.
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