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Ok so I had a meetign with a potential client and the overall meeting went well since its like my 5th one ever lol. He is typically bigger than the type of client I was looking for but beggers can't be choosers (not always anyway). We are meeting up again next week to go over what we discussed more and I wanted to get some opinions on what to do for this guy. Here is a list of all he wants me to handle for him:

1. He owns a home services business, and has a website up for it, he also has 2 other medical related businesses that have websites up, 1 of which is down that he wants to put back up again, and then he wants me to build him a e-commerce site.

2. He wants me to optimize all 3 websites and basically manage the sites for him (edit content and what not).

3. He wants me to manage his PPC campaign, which he is doing a terrible job at managing I believe.

4. He also wants me to do SEO/SEM for all his websites, and he wants his e-commerce website to be ranked nationally.

I know me and my team can handle this type of work, but for what he is asking it wouldn't be wrong of me to charge him $5k+ a month. But I have a feeling he doesn't want to pay that much, so I wanted to know how much would you generally charge a client that requested the same type of work?
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    I cannot really compare pricing as I am in a third world country where people expect to and can only pay way less than they do in the US.

    But I would like to give you some things to consider.

    Will $5000 a month be worth it to your client, could you honestly offer him a positive return on investment with very minimal risk.

    What are your costs? How much is your base line and how much profit is reasonable for you.

    What are the repercussions of asking too much and possibly not only losing this client but all the referrals that could come form this one client.

    My personal opinion at first was $5000 was a big number, but again this is coming from a third world perspective.

    I hope this helps, and good luck.



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    I charge 20% of the entire PPC budget. Budget has to be over $1k/month.

    We can't give you an answer. If you don't know the price point you should be at, you didn't properly do your homework.

    Completely depends upon their customer ltv, how many new clients can you conservatively estimate you would send them, etc. Annual sales?

    Basically, you think he wants a lot for a little? Expect him to be a nightmare client, if so.
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    I recent client we acquired we charged $10k for his website redesign and then $5k a month to manage is marketing, which includes SEO/PPC and offline marketing. Any additional costs, like actual PPC costs, CPM costs, etc... he pays for.

    To comment on your specific situation, with SEO, it ALWAYS depends on the competitiveness of the keywords you're trying to rank for. You have to make sure you can do what you're going to say you can do in the timeframe. He also has to remember that page 1 (#1-3) in Google boosts up revenues tremendously... and rankings will typically stick. How much is it worth to him?

    $5k a month seems a bit low for 3 websites you're doing SEO for... but that's also with me not knowing what the websites are about. Do your keyword research, see how much people are paying per click on his main keywords for each website and price each site accordingly on a site-by-site pricing. That gives him the option to choose which sites are most important and go from there.

    One point I'd suggest with E-commerce sites: Lots of people get in the trap of I'll optimize your e-commerce website and come to find out it's a huge mess because there are 100's of keywords/pages/products. What I typically do is this: Come up with a certain amount for, let's say, 3 keywords. You want to ask the business owner which products/keywords bring in the MOST PROFITABLE. You'll start with those, that way, when you get those ranked, he'll be making the most money and start to see great ROI - then you just say, each month we'll focus on another 3-4 keywords, until you have the whole site optimized.

    It's a great way to keep the client with you, as well as making sure you do what you're saying you're going to do without over-extending or over-promising - which happens WAY TOO MUCH with almost every SEO company I've talked to.
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    Not really looking for an answer per say. I am just asking for general opinions on how others would charge for that amount of work, I don't want to be charging too low, or too high, even tho I believe $5k per month is reasonable for that amount of work, other people might think that is too low or too high. I asked him about what his average client was worth and he had no idea, he also has no idea about current traffic and conversions for sites which I will have to setup.
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    I'm not sure what you are looking for. Cathy gave you all the advice you need. No one can put a number on this because you haven't provided enough details.
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      Originally Posted by akazo View Post

      I'm not sure what you are looking for. Cathy gave you all the advice you need. No one can put a number on this because you haven't provided enough details.
      The sad thing about the matter is that is all the information he had. He basically had somebody else take care of all that stuff for him and the guy who took care of it left and took all the information with him. He doesn't know the keywords he is trying to rank for, he gave me his websites, and they are not optimized, he didn't have a real idea of how much his average client is worth, he is in the medical/home services industry. Basically he just wants me to start his online presence all over again. I am meeting with him again on thursday and am going to try to get more in-depth on the technical side of things (such as what are his goals for his internet marketing and things). I appreciate you guys commenting, I know it is kind of a weird type of question, I will make sure the next one is more detailed in what I am looking for lol.
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    Beggers can't be choosers - you're going to be screwed.

    Figure your bare minimum you need to get by a month $ wise.

    Then add your mark up to it.

    Simple, if they reject your offer it'd be a **** deal for you that you'd want out of quick smart resulting in you getting a bad reputation and likely reducing chances of clients in the future.


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    Create a proposal for what you're willing to do it for plus 25%. So... if you are willing to work your tale off for $5k a month or whatever it may be, then charge at least $6250.

    Don't let him think that times are tough for you... if that's the case, then why would he need your services?

    If he balks at $6250/mo, then offer to reduce the price to $5k/mo if he can pay quarterly. Tell him that it takes at least 90 days to see solid progress (growth) and even though you will have results starting within a few days, you can save time and money by only having to worry about billing on a quarterly basis.

    If he balks at the $5k.. then start taking away from what you are doing. Explain that you can not do as much work in a month.. the results will take longer to accomplish, but he'll get down to a budget that he can afford. This way you're not working your tale off and then resenting the job/client/your life/etc.

    Do everything you can to keep yourself from just creating another job. You want to earn enough money to pay people to do the job correctly, cover any unexpected losses (they will come up!) and still have enough money to pay yourself as you build your business (create new leads, networks, opportunities etc.)

    The last thing you want to do is to "work twice as hard for half as much" .... I can tell you that from personal experience!

    So.. at the end of the day. If he can only afford $1k a month. Then do $1k worth of work (factoring in your expenses as described above).

    Just keep the expectations as reasonable as possible (on both ends) and you'll have a fun and profitable business.
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