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What are differences between backlinks and hyperlinks?
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  • Backlinks include hyperlinks as a type of link pointing to a website.

    This is a regular link:

    This is a hyperlink: YourKeyword

    The SEs give you more points for a hyperlink
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    Outside the chain link and reverse link different points on the source and reference in the city different. First, we look outside the chain of this concept, since it is outside the chain, then their reference level is the site and between sites, such as site A links to B site. These two links must be across two sites, and if a site is not within the link between the outer chain.

    Backlinks outside the scope than the concept of the concept of chain of large, as long as a page link to another page, then they constitute a reverse link between the concept can be, but not whether it is the site-level links, for example, links between the same site can also be said of the response link.
    Thanks for adding the techno-speak - it really makes sense now! :confused:
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    I remember what it was like looking up all these fun terminology and the digging around when trying them out.. fun stuff! keep it up.
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    Hyperlink any connection, including a link in the navigation on your site. Single direction backlink link from another site to yours. Background value because if this site link to you on a similar topic and more and more of your visitors, such as backlink will help you improve your search engine ranking for your site and traffic.
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    Originally Posted by twmaffun View Post

    What are differences between backlinks and hyperlinks?
    Hyperlink is ANY link, including a link in your own Website's navigation. A backlink is a one-way link from another Website to yours. Backlinks are valuable because if the Website that's linking to you is on a similar topic and has better ranking and more visitors than your own, such a backlink will help you improve your Site's search engine ranking and traffic.
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