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Fellow Warriors,
I have lost my google places expert, and have yet
to find or hire a new one yet. Could you please
take a look at my Personal Places ad, and give
me any ideas or suggestions to Push this listing
to the top of Places Locally.

Heres the the URL - Massive Leverage Google Places Listing

Thanks in advance for your help and input.
Robert Nelson
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    I'm no pro, but the most basic little things like renaming your pics by whatever keyword you're after helps... SEOinBoise.jpg, etc... Having your business listed in tons of directories helps as well. See (I think). Get listed in loads of directories for like $30
    Make sure address, phone number, and other details are all IDENTICAL for each listing. helps.
    Having a listing in "insiderpages" helps.
    Sometimes helps to title your youtube videos to include keywords, ex. "SEO Boise" -- or whatever people will most likely use when using google to search for your type of service.
    You have the coupon and details working for you, looking good.
    Over time, reviews and "citations" will help.
    Depending on the size of your town and competition, that may be enough, or you may need to get really busy and submit ezine articles with backlinks and/or use some of the hotter WSO's of this topic, ie Holly Cotter, Mario Brown, etc
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    I would suggest purchasing Brian's Cheat Sheet. It's not too expensive and gives you a complete list of how to set up your page.

    You need more help here than what i can give in a single post, but I'll touch on a few points for you.

    My first question is the .com in your title. Not sure if Google expressly prohibits this, but I know it's not what the want to see. Using your company name as it appears in directory listings and citations is what you want. It will help Google find your citations and give you credit for them. Make it as easy for them as possible.

    Also, I only saw 3 photos. Upload all 10 photos and give yourself all 5 coupons. You need some work in your additional details section as well. Brian's Cheat Sheet will help you here.

    Finally, I wouldn't get too flustered over your listing. I really don't even use mine because Google doesn't list most of my keywords in Places. In fact, I didn't get a Places result for any of your keywords + Boise, either, when I checked.

    Google doesn't believe our services are local. We can offer marketing and internet services to businesses across the country so they don't allow us a Places Page for most of our keywords. There are a few keywords that may work for us, but not many and really, they don't receive a whole of queries. Frankly, I don't even bother with my own Places Page for my own marketing. If you want more help, though, feel free to PM me.

    User banned from this site for being relevant.

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      **Info from top S.E.O experts** A few tips.

      3 areas google looks at for places
      • citations
      • reviews
      • places optimization
      the citations and reviews are pre-work you need to do before you get to places

      first thing is start to build citations: or listings in directories: here are the hot sites:
      • insider pages
      • yelp
      • super pages
      • hotfrog
      • yellow pages group
      • angies list-
      • city search
      choose top 3 keyword phrases of keyword pharses
      review listings in the 7 or top 10 in google results.
      create citations for each directory listed before places
      get them indexed (use a pinger service)
      Build 5 backlinks with the 2 top keyword phases to each citation
      match biz name, address and phone number across the board
      -Google is looking at the number of inbound quality links coming to your site
      you cannot use ups addresses. reason being. “slick” marketers are taking advantage of using fictitious addresses to rank higher
      used 1-2 KW Phrases in the review
      use a geo locator
      create at least 5 reviews to get the star rating
      don’t do reviews in 1 day or from 1 ip address
      continue to build KW enriched reviews over 30 days and expand the variety of directories
      use QR.CODES-

      googles overall intention is to make it the center of local local potential customers get true recommendation on products and services..part of googles strategy is to take the top rankings of the directories..these directories often provide useless information, so they are going for the top
      THE PLACES LISTING-Google places
      -dont stuff keywords in the category section
      -dont use geo locators in the category section
      - -good example: roofer
      -bad example: greenville roofer

      - If you need more info just send me a PM

      Want real world field tested SMS training? SMS is what I know. You can check out our best stuff here:

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    Please note: Some of this info might be redundant.
    However, here is what I noted...
    1. I would remove the .com from your business name, unless that is the legal name of your business. Like, LLC or something.
    2. Remove all of your pictures, add alt tags, and then re-upload them. Also add 7 more so that you have a total of 10.
    3. Remove all of your videos. Take them off YouTube even. Then re-upload them to multiple video sites. Geo-Tag the videos, and make the titles and descriptions keyword rich
    4. Add more coupons/offers
    5. Get citations
    6. Create maps
    Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone
    - Neale Donald Wilson -
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      All of the above advice and I would add more Keyword Rich content to your description and get on more of the directories below.

      Insider Pages
      Super Pages
      Judy's Book
      Yellow Pages
      Yellow Book
      Yellow Bot
      Magic Yellow
      Merchant Circle
      Shop City
      City Search
      Angie's List
      Yahoo Local Listings
      Switchboard Super Pages
      Yellow Area Connect
      Merchant Circle
      Bing/ MSN Local Listings
      Best of the web
      Hot Frog
      Yellow USA
      Google Profiles*
      Judy's Book
      Local Chamber Of Commerce
      Service Magic
      Angie's List

      Learn Digital, Internet and Social Media Marketing For Your Business
      Click here to learn more - Digital and Social Media Marketing Training Course

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    I'm a fan of Brian Anderson's Google Places Cheat sheet too (WSO forum). Brian's stuff is rock solid, he won't steer you wrong and he doesn't pump any "filler" into his products either - just straight to the point. He is out there doing this stuff everyday too so he continues to update the cheat sheet to as changes come.

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