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I need help, someone please explain what the new Facebook 'fanpage' is all about. When I go to Facebook, it says 'use Facebook as page'

what does that mean?

It says these changes become permanent on March 1st. So, does that mean I can only have 1 page? I have to use my personal page as my fanpage now? I do not understand what Facebook wants here. I do not want to replace my personal page with my fanpage. Does it mean I will use my fanpage as my personal one and all the news feeds will come over my fanpage?

Someone tell me, before I screw it up.

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    Hi Tommy,

    One of the key new Facebook 'fanpage' changes, is that you can now use your Face Book Fan Page in the same way as you would use your personal Facebook page.

    The best way to explain is with an example:
    Let's say that your Personal Fan Page is Tommy R

    You have 4 business Fan pages that you manage from that personal page.
    Let's say that the name of 1 of your business Fan Pages is RetireMe.

    With the current Fan Page changes, you can comment on other pages as RetireMe,
    in the same way as you can log into your personal Tommy R personal account- so they will see your RetireMe image on their Wall.

    You also have the ability to have Tommy R show up as the owner / creator of the
    RetireMe Fan page and the other 3 Fan Pages that you manage from your personal account.

    You can still have an unlimited number of Business Fan Pages

    and NO-
    it doesn't mean that you will have to use your personal fanpage as your business fan page.

    Hope this helps.

    Stay Sunny,

    ***FOCUS for your FORTUNE ***
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    Yes Trini is right.

    You have the option to select a certain page as your default page and comment on other pages/profiles as the Fan Page itself.

    You can easily switch to other Fan Pages that you have or switch back to your personal profile anytime.

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    Hi there,

    Facebook is going to switch from using fbml to iframes. But for those currently using fbml they will be spared from the changes.

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      Originally Posted by lesterlim85 View Post

      Hi there,

      Facebook is going to switch from using fbml to iframes. But for those currently using fbml they will be spared from the changes.

      Yes, that's true to an extent, but just so everyone knows, Facebook still reserves the right to strip the FBML app eventually and probably will do so sometime in the (far-off) future.

      However, they have said that it should remain in place for now if you have added the FBML static app to a pre-March 11th built page. Keep in mind that ALL pages like these will switch to the new interface regardless.

      I fought the changes for a brief moment, but now I absolutley LOVE the new Iframes rules. It may make it tougher for some, but it will truly make it more flexible and frankly enjoyable to create (for me at least, and I'm NOT a good HTML/CSS guy) pages.

      A few more steps, sure, but it's worth it--especially to those guys that are good with HTML/CSS.

      According to Facebook, you will still get to keep the Static FBML tab and even edit it, but they encourage you to update to Iframes.

      Once you get it down, making these new pages will function, look and act as "normal" webpages within Facebook thus making most of us less dependent on pay-for-pages templates. (I think. Maybe it might do the opposite now that I think about it.)

      Again, I'm no web-building wizard, but I can certainly do much more immediately that I wasn't able to do with FBML (for lack of knowledge).

      I love it.

      PS - I'll make a page soon if anyone is interested to see what it looks like. *Warning: It may stink, but you'll see the functions of working links and so on within the tab, and that's what I think is so cool. (It could be done before, but now even I can do it.)
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