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I have a question...
So you get a new client to agree that their website needs to be revamped and they need a new one.

How do you go about the setup / design?
what do you ask from the client design wise ? is it all your idea? or do you give them some type of say ?

The content also do you let them tell you what they want as pages or do you actually complete it all and have them tell you after??

Just wondering what the best way to go about this would be??
if i'm doing the work or if i outsource the work....
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    Hi Herbaluss,

    When ever I go to see a new client I firstly assess what they already have in place. For example, many clients will already have a business logo and corporate colors that they will want incorporated into their site design, and so it's a good idea that you use these so that their branding throughout all their marketing materials remains consistent.

    For new startups, you will often find that they have no clue about what they want, don't care about colors or just are happy to be lead by you - but to find out all this stuff you need to ask questions.

    Whenever I meet a client, I find that its a good idea to ask them if they have any ideas about what they want. Quite often, they will have looked at different sites and will have a basic idea of the sort of layout that they would like. And in saying that I often also meet clients who don't know what they want, but do know what they *don't* want!

    Generally I have my ideas about what a site should look like, but I also think it's important that you don't force that on the client, and rather guide them towards the right solution for them. I.e. I usually recommend that they should have a blog for SEO purposes.

    With the content, it's much the same, some clients have text that you can use, and sometimes it needs to be re-written with SEO in mind. Some clients have nothing and you have to write it all - which can be interesting when you don't know the ins and outs of their business! So in a nutshell, in the client meeting you need to gain a grasp of their business so you can understand the sorts of pages that will be needed.

    You can do the work yourself, or you can outsource, it doesn't matter either way. Or you can do some of the work, and outsource some - whatever you are comfortable with.

    Building and/or redesigning websites should be a hand-in-hand process, you need to work with your client throughout the site design as otherwise you could get to the end only for them to tell you that you haven't grasped what they wanted - that means more work for you and therefore lost time and lost dollars.

    Make sure that you make the most of your initial client meeting and then you will find that everything should easily fall into place!

    HTH! Suzy
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