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I have a website and i want to promote my site and get many traffic.
What should i do to get more traffic to my site???

I hope you guys can give me tips what to do..
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    Do proper keyword research and you can get search engine traffic. Build backlinks, do article marketing, press releases. There are many things you can do! Take a look around the forum, you will learn a lot of tricks!
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    1st, write fresh content,
    2nd, gain backlinks regularly
    3rd,plz follow the two tips...LOL
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      Just try to increase relevant backlinks to your site. As per my opinoin blog comments, social bookmarking, forum posting is the best way to get quick backlink for a web page.
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        thanks for the advice
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    For this first of all get the new content with good keyword research for your targeted site and start promotions with directory submissions, book marking.
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    Good keyword, yeah I agree, and do some article submission...
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    It depends on what your budget is and what you plan on doing with your site.

    Are you selling a product or a service ?
    Are you looking people to stay on your site and click banners on it ?
    etc etc

    There is so many traffic sources out there, focus on one get good at it and then move on to another.
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    Do some work by searching these forums, all of your answers are here.
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    You should create video & social claiming (we claim to 100 social sites for you)
    At UBL, we automate those processes for you & distribute out 35 categories including your social networking links, photos, keywords, descriptions, video links, & much more. Beyond our listing syndication (correction, enhancement, & distribution) to 350+ publishing sites, directories, GPS, 411, & navigation- We create a 30 second video & claim your business to Google, Yahoo, Bing, Twitter, 4Sq, & create a FB Fanpage for you. We distribute all information out to the top 10 video portals for a low pricepoint. Check it out at ubl dot org and then click on "see packages now" on the right-hand side. Increasing business visibility is the foundation to improving SEO!

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    • Million thanks for the hot and great tips!You are the best!God bless you.
      Actually,life is all about learning
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    Thank you Very much for this Uselfull advice.

    Actually I have a new site and i want to be rank in Google so that many people know that i have a site running. Its a non-profit site Student with Special needs . I would be happy if you can visit my site and see what should i do with it. I would Highly appreciate all your advice.


    I want to change the world, I just don't have the right source code yet

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    Again many thanks to those who give advice

    I want to change the world, I just don't have the right source code yet

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    Well you don't have proper on page optimization, nor back links. Not very good in that aspect, but the look of it is that it looks pretty decent. You just need to optimize.

    You may want to check out my WSO.
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    Make sure that the link text is your keywords, this will create a stronger more relevant link. The site that links to yours should have something to do with the keywords that you are using also... Hope this helps.
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    Optimization depend on your keyword research first. This is most important factor in SEO after finding less competitive but good number of searches. Optimize your website with meta tags, fresh content. Then start offline linkbuilding work. So then comparison with other keywords and do better work for linking your website. It take some time to give you results.
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    In promoting website, the first thing to do is keyword search. Find the appropriate keyword to optimize and MUST be relevant to your website. Optimize that keyword through:
    - social bookmarking
    - press releases
    - writing articles
    - Google places listing
    - etc.

    In that way, more links or link juice is funneled back to your website. Be of quality not of quantity. Good content counts more!
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    There many things you can do to get traffic to your site, namely:

    a. Article Submissions
    b. Blog Submissions
    c. Video Submissions
    d. Forum Commenting
    e. Social Bookmarking
    f. Social Media Submissions
    g. Directory Listings
    h. Classified ads Submissions
    i. Online Group Submissions
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    This site has a good design visually. You need to get someone page optimization with some anchor text, have your header title match your URL. Also if you're not stuck with the .info domain name I would lose it and try preferably are a .net. Domain names ending with .info are more difficult to get to rank.

    Have you done any keyword research you know what it is that people are actually searching for? If so make sure you've optimize some of your pages for those keywords. Nothing beats good content optimized for well searched low competition keywords.

    Make sure that you are getting good quality back links. You might be able to get some .edu back links based on your site. This could help a lot.

    I would think some social media integration would probably be suitable for this site as well. Do you have corresponding Facebook fan pages and twitter accounts? That might help some, too.

    There's a good, short easy to read book on SEO: Get More Customers!: Easy Get More Customers!: Easy Online...
    (I admit I'm a bit biased, since I am the author!)
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    You should do first "on site " optimization. It's a lot of information to write it here, pm me and i will send you the details
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