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Took my kids to the local video game store this past weekend. I was suprised to see a poster for a contest which featured a QR Code to "play". The problem was that the poster was hung on the bottom half of the single entrance door. The QR Code itself was near the bottom of the poster.

Normally I wouldn't have bothered, but since i've started marketing these things, I took out my phone, fired up the app, and crouched down to read the code. I was interupted twice by people going in and out before I could center the code.

I mentioned to the kid behind the desk that he should get his manager to move it somewhere a little bit more convenient. He looked at me like I was crazy as did the people who couldn't figure out what I was taking a picture of.
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    Good observation. I'll warn my clients not to put theirs on the door itself.
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    Yes, they should not become a health and safty issue

    I wonder what the "thought process" was behind "how can we get customers to scan this qr code more often"? to sticking it on the bottom of the shop door :s
    "Live like you'll die tomorrow, Learn like you'll live forever" - M. Ghandi
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