Are you Sure You Want To Be Your Own Boss? - Why Telemarketing Isnt Working For You.

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People ask me all the time why am I not succeeding like the telemarketers you talk about...?

Or they say "I don't know what you are talkin about but it sure didn't work that way for me"!

(after a whole 50 dials of trying...and 10 contacts).

The funniest ones are the ones who book time on the dialer, and then come back and say they didn't succeed because "...the list sucked, or the dialer was slow... and no one was interested, and I was on for two hours...", and of course their negative attitude makes this seem very real to them, in their perspective it feels true.

So they ask me why it isnt working... Then I check into their dialer records to see that, yes they were logged in for almost two hours , and only 20 minutes of it was dial time, the rest was pause, and they only dispositioned 36 calls... which means they were pausing for a loooong time between calls... maybe psyching up or taking notes, who knows... they weren't moving and taking calls back to back... that is the case more often than not.

Its obvious from the outside, but from the inside all the mirages that detour people to failure appear to be real.

Now if you were a telemarketer in a boiler room and your boss saw on his monitor that your machine was on pause what would happen?

He'd yell out where the whole room could hear "Get off pause Durham"!

What are you gonna say?

You might say "Gimme minute to get my nerve back up. I just got done talking to someone and already you think Im ready to get back in the ring...? What? Do you expect me to take a call every fifteen seconds between breaks for two hour stretches at a time without getting a chance to re collect myself in between calls"?

You might want to say that, but you wouldn't say that because he'd just say "yep, that's the job description".

So you might say "Man Im only on pause because Im stressed... a customer just hit my nerve the wrong way...".

But then he would say to the rest of the crew "I think durham needs a blanky, somebody hurt his wittle feewings"!

Then all the other hardcore guys could chuckle.

No, you don't wanna say that.

You could say "I was just taking a minute to plan out my script"

But then he'd say "I gave you a perfectly good script when I hired you... I don't make money when you PLAN, I make money when you dial...".

So why do his 8 dollar, high school drop out, half of whom don't even speak proper English telemarketers... make more sales than you?

Is the picture becoming a little more clear?

You see he knows something; it isn't the dialer that's not working no matter what that telemarketer says... Its not the pitch, or the leads, or the weather, or the circumstances, or the offer, or the geography it isn't those things that aren't working.

He knows if its not working its because his telemarketer is not doing what is prescribed in the prescribed manner. So he gives you a dialer, and he gives you a proven pitch... according to his 10 years of day in/day out statistics, if you will sit there and say it in the prescribed manner ... then you are going to get a certain amount of sales. Let's say 10 per week.

He knows that 10 per week is the base minimum you should get if you do what is asked... you may get even more.

So no matter what you say, no matter how you cry, no matter how many times you tell that manager he's wrong and he really doesn't understand... he IGNORES YOU and says just get back on the phone and take calls that's all I can tell you... and if you say "But..." he'll say "Durham, this is the job can you do it or not... it doesn't get any fancier, if you want to work here this is the job to take calls... now go do it or clock out...".

Im tellin you guys I have gotten so mad at my managers for not understanding my excuses for failure.... But you know what? They were almost always right.

So now do you see why an 8.00 telemarketer performs better than YOU do and makes more sales?

How does a manager get a telemarketer to the point of performing consistently?

The same way you train yourself to run long distance; by ignoring all the bodies little cry's for understanding, and walking through it. Your body will give you a million reasons to say "I've had enough today", but the more you learn to ignore all those little pleas for mercy, the more they go away and the stronger you are...

At first the body screams like a baby... and you train it to get past that.... Or what? Or you don't get in shape. That simple period. Money can buy a lot of things but if you want muscle there's only one way to get it. You cant have it if you cant learn to ignore the bodies whining.

"But its not whining, I really am sore today".

"Okay, go ahead. I understand you arent working out because your body is sore... but YOU have to understand you arent gonna be Mr. Olympia anytime soon at this pace".

Slack off all you want, the worse that can happen is that you keep getting broker everyday. Doesnt hurt any of us... its YOUR income....we are all getting our own... you are MAKING your choice... we've already MADE ours.

Another thing:

What if I , work out one day then skip a day, then work out for two days, then skip 3 days, then work out for a week straight, and then only work out one day the next, then skip the entire next week and then workout 3 days the next... am I gonna get consistent results?

I may get a little result here and there but without that daily consistent workout momentum, Im sure not gonna be ready for a triathalon anytime soon or have an Olympic body right?

Same goes for sales. Successful sales people ignore the whining till it eventually goes away and they have consistent work habits... they do it every day, every hour of the work day, every minute of every hour of every workday... YES, if you are wondering phone sales wise, a telemarketer is Mr. Olympia compared to most salespeople. He works it every mionute of every seven hour day month in month out. He is in shape. If you even do one tenth of the sales he does, you could make 10 times the money he does.

So yes, "consistency" is another point.

If you give yourself a two week break from cold calling everytime you get a sale... unless you are making 50k sales you are nevder gonna get up the kind of momentum that leads to excess, which takes you out of the energy field of desperation and lack and helps you create more.

Moving on...

So Im gonna give you the punch line here and end this post.

What happens eventually, is that all a telemarketers little hang ups end up "breaking". The manager, and the obligation to perform breaks them. The room and the responsibility to hang with the rest of the team break their will. Very much like a horse.

Your mind says you cant do something... but you dont have any will in the matter with this manager... and you get pushed to do it anyway, at which point you START to understand the magic of learning to work around all the traps of the mind that simply are not what your success depends on.

Its so easy for us to fall for our own inward dialogue... but a BOSS doesn't fall for it!

The question is 'can you be your own boss"?

A boss can get more out of you than you can get out of yourself, because left to our own devices most of us will fall for all of our own excuses and even BELIEVE them.

The boss don't believe em, he just believes you are soft and don't want to work.

So here's what happens:

Soon the telemarketer trainees learn that when they cry, and when the leads suck, and when the dialer is running slow, and when the barometric pressure is making everyone grumpy, and when their girlfriend just broke up with them, and when they just wrecked their car yesterday, and when their kids are giving the baby sitter problems, and when their wives or husbands are jealous, and when ther market is saturated, and when nobody wants it and everyone is saying no, and when our competitors are calling the same territory offering a lower price, and when there has been a national disaster, and when it's a day after the holiday... you know all those excuses?

The telemarketer eventually breaks and realizes that none of that matters because his boss is just gonna tell him to get back on the phone... his personal will gets broken, and he starts doing the bosses will... his feelings about the situation he soon realizes will never matter...

You know what he soon also realizes? That even though his mind wants to feed him all those excuses, and even though the dialer is slow and the leads suck and the market is grumpy today... you know what doesn't change?

His quota.

Despite all those excuses he only has two choices: "perform, or get fired for low production".

So then what happens?

He quits giving into all those thoughts that are very real... and very warranted... and he says "somehow I have to succeed despite this stuff... like all the other guys here..."

And they start realizing the truth, that they got served the same leads as everyone else... nothing is different, except for "somehow these are guys are succeeding despite all these things Im struggling with"... and they see that "All these excuses that are such a big deal to me, others deal with too... but they just ignore it and keep moving...".

So they learn to work within the seemingly imperfect circumstances, and learn to get sales despite all those things, and they start to see themselves as hard core... then on days when all the elements and circumstances are great they REALLY excell and break their own record, and thus get even MORE confident... and they look back at all the walls they've broken along the way and see themselves as even MORE hardcore... and they ARE!

The telemarketer at this stage sees that the excuses were mirages, even though he cant blame himself, they look valid enough... but now he knows the secret "The excuses and obstacles never go away, its just that successful people have learned to work through and around them...while others are looking for a clear path of circumstances...". The telemarketer adjusts to the idea that he has to do it, and that its never gonna be easy...

He gives in to success!

Literally gives himself up and turns himself into it and says "Okay O give up you win.... I'll call through the obstacles". He decides that wether its hard or not he has to do it anyway, but there's no sense in waiting for it to get easy... YOU just have to get hard headed instead.

...and his will breaks.

He starts ignoring the whims... he works through the moans and groans and he conditions his mind to ignore every adverse circumstance... and he starts to think of hitting his quota (the prize) instead of the inconveniences along the way...

And he succeeds.

So why do telemarketers make more sales than you do?

Its about "will". You have one, but he doesn't. You have a will to tell you what to do. He has a "boss". That's the major difference.

So why arent you succeeding?

let others tell you anything you want. Im tellin you theres a 99% chance its your "will".

You either have to

A: Break it


B: Find something that you are more "willing" to do. Thats a great solution that has worked for me at times. (There's a gold nugget for someone).

Here's a check list of what makes telemarketers succeed... people will tell you its all kinds of things... Im telling you its this:

1: Because they show up at their desk 100% ready to work by 8:30 am EVERY SINGLE DAY.

2: Because they don't pause.

3: Because they take 70 calls per hour.

4: Because they do it every single hour.

5: Because they take 6-700 calls per day.

6: Because they do it EVERYSINGLE DAY.

7: Because they cant allow themselves the luxury of entertaining even a single excuse if they want to keep their job.

They become desensitized to the minds whining and excuses to fail. Even if 100 people in a row just said no, they don't even put the phone down to rest, they keep taking calls like a machine until the next break.

Even if their mind says "there's a salesman from another company calling in front of every call I make it seems" and even if that's TRUE.... They ignore it. They have to.

That's the difference.

8: Because the only other option is to go home and not make any money... the boss isn't gonna pay you to go home right... so you better figure out how all these other guys are making it work if you want to make your hourly wage... and QUICKLY before the boss starts thinking he made a bad decision hiring you.

9: Pressure:

For some reason if all of our bills are falling in it still doesn't pressure us to work as much as a boss can. Also, Telemarketers have peer pressure... they see others doing it... the other guys don't cry they just keep their head down and do it...

There's definitely an attitude in a call center (much like the WF) that if you whine you are a sissy... why? Because the truth is self evident. It works. Others in your room succeed everyday. Its not the opportunity that's not working obviously, so eventually all the telemarketers excuses break down anyway... or they get let go of.

10: Because they NEVER give up mid day... they cant. If they don't make sales in the morning, their boss makes them keep going and they get one in the afternoon.

So guys, measure your own level of commitment against this list, and see if you cant figure out why telemarketers make more sales than the average offline business person.

Hope this offers enlightenment!

Others may say it takes a gift for gab, or natural talent or a big personality...

Just give me somebody that knows how to stay working... thats all I want. I'll take that over personality any day.

So the next time excuses start coming... read this post.

Remind yourself that there's 3 choices

1: You can ignore the whims and keep moving forward to the reward.

2: You can quit and fail.

3: You can quit and go find something that its easier to will yourself to do.

No matter where you go, sales people make the most money, and no matter where you take a sales job your journey wont be much different than the one you are on right now and tyou will face the exact same thoughts on every level. Its sales. Its the timeless "way it goes".

Some fail some succeed. Your choice. Did you know you can make it now?

Like in the telemarketing room... you can tell yourself it dont work.... but its still working all around you everyday.

You can tell yourself the excuses are true, and you might even be right, and you can also ignore them and overpower them true or not, just like all the other guys that face the exact same market.

This post will enmpower you in three ways.

It will empower you to know that:

1: You can succeed through whatever your mind throws you, just like the high school drop outs if you can just be your own boss and say "just get back on the phone (only you will make alot more money).You are not alone, even the greatest of successes once met with the same mental battle and very simlilar thoughts. Also that there are indicators of being on the road to success, and these thoughts are letting you know that you are on the off ramp to success. Same landmarks all other successes passed by.

2: It will empower you to know that theres no other choice but to succeed or quit. So either quit whining or succeed. Really no one in a telemarketing room has much compassion for whiners. Because they all make an hourly wage and whines are percieved as ones who think they are considered some kind of "special case". Your co workers will help you through a couple of questions... but if you start whining they'll just tell you "Maybe you'd rather be out in the hot sun diggin a ditch with the lawn care people out there instead of in this air conditioning... quit cryin and just keep dialing itll happen".

3: It will empower you to remember that if this isnt for you, and it isnt what you want to do, there isnt any shame in it.

You are seriously better off finding something you are more "willing" to do, than to sit here and butt headfs with your will for six months and not make money. No shame in choosing another path.


So there it is... if you are failing at telemarketing, I promise the reason why is on this page.

Hope this inspires someone to an epiphany. ;D

ps. For anyone who says this post is long. Get over it. Its a gift, you dont have to take it, but dont blow it for the people who appreciate it. Not every message is for everyone, but EVERY message is for SOMEONE.
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    You are a telemarketing poet. Ha ha.
    Very Inspiring, thanks again John.
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    One of the best posts I've read here in a long time - and the same "get over it and get to work" can be applied to a lot IM work as well as to telemarketing.

    Saving one dog will not change the world - but the world will change forever for that one dog.

    I'm going to work on being less condescending
    (Condescending means to talk down to people)
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  • Profile picture of the author John Durham
    Thanks Justin and Kay

    I saw the need for this because people get inspired and that goes as far as it will. Sometimes they catch traction from that alone right from the beginning, and thats great, but there's a whole slew of people who get a slower start, yet it could still work.

    If you didnt win in the first round, observe the things above and you can kickass in the second one.

    ps. Yes I agree this applies to alot of things not just cold calling.
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    Great post John. Makes me want to get on hiring a few reps and start building my gig. I've got about 3 more months before that happens, but this is getting bookmarked for sure.
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      Originally Posted by Voasi View Post

      Great post John. Makes me want to get on hiring a few reps and start building my gig. I've got about 3 more months before that happens, but this is getting bookmarked for sure.
      No doubt bro. Its hard to do if you have a big heart... but if you are going to start a team, then this post will serve you well. It hurts alot to be a part of someones breaking process... and thats a big part of managing. You have to ignore them, even if you believe their excuses, because the ONLY key to success is stay on the phone, even if the excuse is valid. Its simply the ONLY option for success no matter what the obstacles... they really dont matter.

      I remember times when I KNEW the leads were bad... and the room was whining... but, I also knew that if they worked through the discomfort we would still make our quota, and guess what? We did.

      Success is just on the other side of that reason to quit.

      So, no matter what they say, your answer is always the same "get back on the phone. Either you can do it or not. It doesnt get fancier than this, you either get better at it or not. The opportunity doesnt change and the path to success doesnt either... no matter what the excuse there is only one answer... get back on the phone cuz you shore aint makin no sales tellin me about all your problems...".


      Yeah Adam, its like that.

      It was like that for me too... I had alot of will to be broken before i would humble myself to the principles of success, and pride...

      Most of the people who come to the warrior forum you have to realize... only "think" they are here to learn success principles... in truth most of them are REALLY here to try and find a way to skirt

      Yup Vaosi...

      If you remember nothing else when managing your team of telemarketers remember this... if you listen to their struggles and reasons for failure and try to understand, then they are selling you on why failure is inevitable.

      You have to look the other way at their pain and just say "get back on the phone"... consistently... there is no other answer... just like a broken record.

      They will either quit... or have a breakthrough and remember you for the rest of your life for helping them get to it... oh and they will make you money and help you train others!

      Ps. Good news for anyone who takes this stuff to heart YOU WILL SUCCEED!

      Originally Posted by SEOexpertSEO View Post

      I agree, you have to smile and dial! It requires talent to get on the phone and perform. You need to be able to focus and listen to the other person to make it work! In my opinion though, there are two classes for of solicitors, telemarketers $8-$14/hr and there are Inside Sales Consultants $50-$120k yr Best of luck to you!
      Telemarketers ARE inside salespeople. Unless you know a company that does it from phone booths!

      *Let it be noted that I did not call anyone an asshole in this post, but that I think people who go out of their way to make a point to distinguish lines between classes, segregating others into "classes" out of context for no apparent reason, in the presence of an audience usually do it for ego, territory, or insecurity.

      After having sold literally thousands of people over the phone within 60 seconds of saying hello, Im pretty good at guessing vibes... I would say your reason for saying this above is the latter (insecurity), and that you are just repeating a popular catch phrase because you imagine some clique around here will give you cool points for making the statement. So I dont blame you because its not your original thought, but Good job. I'll bet it WILL be worth at least one cool point from the clique.


      The rapper "Fifty Cent" makes more money than Barack Obama, and has more fans worldwide, but it doesnt make him higher class.

      Back to the thread now...

      Here's is a live example (particularly for Vaosi) of me working a remote telemarketer through a 5 hour stretch one day just to show you how you have to minimize/ignore excuses and just keep them focused on dialing.

      I have cut out the biz owners contact info and bryans last name... Also, be sure and pay attention to the times betweens leads... he had been on since 9 am and was just having a rough first round that day... but he kept plugging. At the point where this skype trail begins he still hadnt written a lead this day. Most people who dont have supervision would not have made it to round two or three this day, and they would have missed success.

      [1/24/2011 10:39:01 AM] bryan: john, i have been getting alot of calls from issues of david, so when you see i have paused thats what its about.
      [1/24/2011 10:41:17 AM] John Durham: Its all good
      [1/24/2011 10:41:29 AM] John Durham: I understand you are juggling a couple of things today..
      [1/24/2011 10:42:19 AM] bryan: thanks
      [1/24/2011 11:38:51 AM] John Durham: Hows it goin?
      [1/24/2011 11:40:53 AM] bryan: well, either they have a site or they have a team that works on them. im not giving up. very focused and determined. When i get the call back reminder how do i do this. a guy asked me to call him back in 2 hrs. he was busy and very insterested?
      [1/24/2011 11:44:27 AM] John Durham: Just write down his number and call him back manual is what I do. I dont mess with the call back feature much because its a hassle takes alot of time.
      [1/24/2011 11:44:59 AM]: k
      [1/24/2011 11:45:12 AM] John Durham: Sounds like a typical day.... your number will come up and you will end up getting a couple. Always feels like that till you get one!
      [1/24/2011 11:45:30 AM] bryan: so true
      [1/24/2011 11:48:20 AM] John Durham: So thats a sign that you are on your way to getting one !
      [1/24/2011 11:48:21 AM] John Durham: lol

      [1/24/2011 12:50:48 PM] bryan: hey, sir, im out of leads.
      [1/24/2011 12:51:05 PM] bryan: should i take a lunch or how long will it take you to reset?
      [1/24/2011 12:53:41 PM] John Durham: 30 min would be good
      [1/24/2011 12:54:30 PM] bryan: thnaks. im gona take a short lunch.
      [1/24/2011 12:54:51 PM] John Durham: Ill load while you are doing that. Cya in a bit.
      [1/24/2011 1:16:33 PM] John Durham: Okay. Reset.

      Note here guys: I had been hearing him complain all morning about the leads which lead to my next statement here...

      [1/24/2011 1:17:26 PM] John Durham: Bryan, not to pressure, but this week is the one that either gonna make this a viable ongoing opportunity or not, so you want to make sure and give it 200% . I appreciate all the work you have done so far.

      [1/24/2011 2:01:50 PM] bryan: HEY JUST GOT ONE. SHE NEED A Site RIGHT AWAY.

      [1/24/2011 2:02:09 PM] John Durham: Wow! Cool!!!!!

      [1/24/2011 2:02:24 PM] John Durham: Gimme all the details possible
      [1/24/2011 2:02:31 PM] bryan: VERY HAPPY ABOUT IT
      [1/24/2011 2:02:35 PM] John Durham: Nice Work.
      [1/24/2011 2:02:43 PM] John Durham: Told you it was just a normal day!
      [1/24/2011 2:13:44 PM] bryan: ALL OCACASIONS MUSIC, 3:00 TUESDAY ….
      [1/24/2011 2:14:48 PM] John Durham: Cool.
      [1/24/2011 2:18:23 PM] John Durham: I will have him call now. Good job.
      [1/24/2011 2:20:30 PM] bryan: THANKS
      [1/24/2011 2:36:12 PM] John Durham: Just reset it for 15 minutes. You will have to do that till this batch runs out every 15 minutes.
      [1/24/2011 2:36:40 PM] bryan: K
      [1/24/2011 2:37:04 PM] John Durham: One more would make this is totally great monday! Hint
      [1/24/2011 3:11:09 PM] bryan: hey i got another one!!!!! hawkeye sighns and graphics…
      [1/24/2011 3:11:30 PM] John Durham: Wow!
      [1/24/2011 3:11:34 PM] John Durham: Nice!

      He clocked out shortly after with three appts. that day.

      Where was the success hiding?

      Behind "The leads suck,The dialer isnt working right, There's a green light popping up every fifteen minutes...The people dont need our service..."

      You can see it yourself, Im opening up my own personal training skype to you. You may even read through there and find some more excuses I missed...


      My answer is always... "Its normal just keep plugging away"... and he worked through all those discomforts... the same ones that would have caused most people to call it a day and say "I'll try again tomorrow".

      He had a boss, so he couldnt, he had to break through to success.

      Can you be your own boss is the question!
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    I agree, you have to smile and dial! It requires talent to get on the phone and perform. You need to be able to focus and listen to the other person to make it work! In my opinion though, there are two classes for of solicitors, telemarketers $8-$14/hr and there are Inside Sales Consultants $50-$120k yr Best of luck to you!

    I've helped 1723 businesses get more customers. If you want to be successful at your local, national, or international business visit

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      inside sales is the way to go.
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      • Profile picture of the author alxdad
        John , really appreciate the post. not sure if I missed this but where does "sales skills" come into play in all this? i mean isn't sales skills a big part of this equation?

        also you mention supervision. it ain't easy being your own boss. but on the flipside its the boss that gives you that motivation to stay the course. especially when your on your own & new , it so easy to flake out.

        maybe, im making this too complicated but it ain't as easy as i thought .-thats the newbie in me talking.
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        • Profile picture of the author John Durham
          Originally Posted by alxdad View Post

          John , really appreciate the post. not sure if I missed this but where does "sales skills" come into play in all this? i mean isn't sales skills a big part of this equation?

          also you mention supervision. it ain't easy being your own boss. but on the flipside its the boss that gives you that motivation to stay the course. especially when your on your own & new , it so easy to flake out.

          maybe, im making this too complicated but it ain't as easy as i thought .-thats the newbie in me talking.
          Sales skills are developed, but by who?

          I have been sold by ugly salespeople, attractive ones, ones who were highly polished, ones who were rough... young old, educated uneducated, big deals, small deals...

          Here's the fact. I buy from the person who's offer matches my wanting. I buy from the person who shows me what I want , what matches my need.

          Some people have natural mechanical skills, but most of the people who work on cars from a living dont get it naturally, they learned it from their dad, and they learned it in college, and from their buddies ... its not necessarily an inherent talent for many. I mean, I can change my oil, but I wouldnt call it talent... I would say more like "instructions".

          As another example:

          Im a guitar player... and I would say Im a natural. I have been doing it since 8 years old... I have awards for it actually... BUT nowadays, the young guitar players have better learning tools than I had then... today a player can learn in 2 years through the advanced teaching methods available what took me 20 years to learn.

          Nothing like getting smoked by a 15 year old that's only been playing two years. The teaching methods these day are light years ahead of where they were when I was learning.

          Here's what Im saying...Nowadays, another persons trained skills can take them alot farther than my "natural" ones.

          Another example:

          IF I was a basketball player I could be 7 feet tall and have a guy like spud web who is only 5 ft tall dribbling circles around me, stealing the ball from me, blocking me making baskets left and right... What? He OBVIOUSLY not equipped to beat me naturally but he is anyway?

          How does that happen? How is it that Im 7 feet tall, a basketball NATURAL, and this little 5 foot midget is dribbling circles around me so fast that my head is spinning and making me look like a girl.... How does that happen?

          Skills can be "developed".

          The key element is desire. They are developed by the person who wants it the worst...

          Now if someone comes in your office and they dont look you in the eyes and they mumble every word out of their mouth and they are extremely shy am I telling you to hire them because they can sell just as good as anyone else?

          No. Cmon, thats just common sense, I would presume that we are all intelligent enough here that one doesngt have to point out the obvious.

          A person like that "could" develop sales skills... but the evidence of how they are presenting themselves says they havent got a clue what they are getting themselves into, they arent very motivated. They arent presenting themselves like a person who really wants to sell... They arent being outgoing in the interview at all, their voice is weak and meek (personal choice, God forget to give them vocal volume just like you). They arent showing excitement about the opportunity.

          You have to at LEAST want to be a good salesperson if you are gonna be one.

          So, there are OBVIOUS people who are no no's , but if it isnt glaringly obvious, they could probably develop the skills if they WANT to.

          Again, I may have a natural ear, but this 15 year old has a new millenium teaching course that can teach him more in 6 months than I learned in 5 years... NATURAL TALENT OR NOT.

          Skills can be developed. Cant count how many times I have seen an underdog come out on top.

          There are 21 year old kids on my forum right now who have made that decision and they are making more sales than 40 year old with 20 years more sales experience.

          You can take two guys.... stick the one on a race track, in a car with Richard Petty for an hour for some tips and advice... and just ONE of those tips could cause him to beat the guy with natural talent...

          So SKILLS can be developed, and learned... yes some are more natural than others... doesnt mean a thing.

          There are a thousands of natural sales talents sleeping on the street in Big city's, that truth cannot be denied...

          So whats more valuable, their skills, or your determination?

          Its about desire and determination. Always has been always will be.

          Yes some are more skilled than others... means nothing, if another guy wanted to be that skilled guy he could apply himself and do it. Ive seen it too much to deny.

          Last example.

          Some have heard this. When I started on the phone, my first two months I was the lowest man on the totem pole, I literally cringed everytime someone answered the phone... I hatred it so bad. I wanted to quit but couldnt, and kept on frickin believing in me long after I was hoping he would fire me... anyway, ONE DAY I decided I was tired of being the lowest and I decided to get my eyes on the prize... and I went to number 1 in the room within a month, after 2 months of being the lowest.

          I just decided I "wanted it" really really bad... and got real focused, and I did it.

          It wasnt about skills.... because some of those guys had been working their for two years and had alot more skills than me. Its about keeping your eyes fixated on the prize and not taking them off and really really wanting success.

          Its about WANTING to succeed. Jusdt like JF STRAW and all the 80 year millionaires out there tell you. They are right.

          On the other side of the coin.... how many people do we all know who are full of talent and skill... but no motivation and it looks like such a waste of talent...?

          Natural talents and skills can help.... but they arent even CLOSE to the determining factors for success.

          Skills can be developed, and if you look at some of the rappers out there who are millionaires, you will know that talent is over rated...

          But DETERMINATION can make 13 small, poor, beaten down, colonies out in the middle of a strange land...into the richest nation on earth.

          Yeah baby! The classic truth never changes... you cant pretty it up, success is about determination.

          David's whip Goliaths every day!
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  • Profile picture of the author virginiad
    Great post...thanks a lot.

    this one post is worth the cost of your WSO. Can't read your followup one now...time to get to work!


    Virginia Drew

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  • Profile picture of the author Myheavens
    Hi John!

    Thanks for the Post.. Do you think Telemarketing Works, If We are outside America ?

    I have a team of SEO assistants and I am thinking to do telemarketing to increase my sales.. What do you think ?

    Second thing, Do you think email marketing will work also ??

    Thank You!
    I have launched New WordPress theme's Themelocation
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    • Profile picture of the author John Durham
      Originally Posted by Malik View Post

      Hi John!
      Do you think Telemarketing Works, If We are outside America ?

      I have a team of SEO assistants and I am thinking to do telemarketing to increase my sales.. What do you think ?

      Thank You!
      Of course it will since you put it THAT way.... (gun pointing).

      Seriously, yes telemarketing works EVERYWHERE.

      Originally Posted by Entertize View Post

      I really needed that post today.....
      Question.....for John....
      I work during the days right now, do you think it would be appropriate to call on businesses in then evening and leave a message about my services.

      I can say that if you leave an effective message you will most certainly generate some call ins. Yes, it makes sense.

      Usually when I do a 2 hour call session I will end up leaving about 20-30 voicemails... and out of those somewhere over the course of a couple of week one or two do actually turn into call ins and sales... so if you left 150 messages per evening... I can imagine that it would surely generate some call ins.

      Good thinking. "What do I already have that I can leverage for success"?

      How can I take the time, financial, and personal energy resources I have left after a work day and maximize their potential to help me escape this job?

      Spot on.

      Ps. You can also set the answering machine detector on an autodialer to only pick up answering machines I believe.
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  • Profile picture of the author patadeperro
    Hey John, great post even though I don't agree with your marketing methods I must recognize the great value of this post and the deeper truth you are trying to show. Stop whining and start doing, everybody makes excuses, but in the end just the persistence, hard work and determination in everything you do will bring you results, great post. Thanks
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  • Profile picture of the author paulie888
    What a great post, John. Telemarketing is going to entail stepping out of the comfort zone for many, and they just have to learn to dial until they pick up some clients.

    It is a numbers game, and they have to be desensitized to the inevitable rejection that'll occur and just keep plugging away. It won't be easy initially, but it'll be totally worth it - this is one of the few strategies that basically allows you to write your own check every day. It's especially great for people who need money quickly, and aren't afraid of doing a little calling on the phone.
    >>> Features Jason Fladlien, John S. Rhodes, Justin Brooke, Sean I. Mitchell, Reed Floren and Brad Gosse! <<<
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  • Profile picture of the author John Durham
    Encouraging success report just in! Especially if you knew anything about this guy. Amazing inspiration to us all.

    You Prove Your Worth with Your Actions
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  • Profile picture of the author Entertize
    I really needed that post today.....
    Question.....for John....
    I work during the days right now, do you think it would be appropriate to call on businesses in then evening and leave a message about my services. I'm doing local seo and I have a bunch of other stuff I also want to add to that but right now I am just trying to land my first client. I have no phone experience as far as telemarketing is concerned, well cold calling. I'm nervous as hell but ready to take this giant leap! I know I have to get my tail from between my legs if I am going to do anything and even though I am scared to death of rejection I am willing to face that fear and get over this ridiculous hump. I am sure if I hear enough "No's" I will eventually become immune to it. Worked for job hunting so why not and I am so tired of doing that.
    Back to the that an effective method? I will be off for a few weeks soon and planned on doing some massive calling then but I really want to get my feet wet now so I can get over some of the anxiety and be prepped and ready for when I am off.
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  • Profile picture of the author ADukes81
    Excellent post John!

    You along with a few other TMFers were my "boss" a few months back. I called and called and called and wanted to throw in the towel and scream, "this doesn't work", but I kept after it. Often competing with other TMFers for number of calls made in a day and then...


    A lady was interested. I didn't collect over the phone, an area I need to work on, but I followed up with her along with about 7 or 8 other people and then started closing them.

    My best advice to anyone out there is: Keep dialing AND FOLLOW UP! Follow up calls are crucial.

    I haven't made a phone call in over a month because I have been so busy with work, but today I trailed off into the land of the Warrior Forum, The Telemarketing Forum and researching mobile marketing.

    I need to get after it tomorrow and this post has fired me up!

    Thanks again Mr. Durham! Just what I needed!
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