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I use Manta all the time to find the business owners name. I have narrowed my search down and have a large group of home improvement
businesses I want to call on Monday. How do you print these list?
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    Your browser has a built-in print function. It should enable you to print out anything you have in your browser window. If that doesn't work, you can take a scrrenshot with Jing and print that out.
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    Hey Rolltide,

    Not sure to do what you are asking for... however, I just purchased a WSO that allows me to pull Names, Addresses, Phone Numbers and Emails of Businesses in any state.

    Since March 16th I have been able to locate over 80,000 Financial Planners and Real Estate Agents.

    Pays for itself the 1st DAY in TIME SAVED.

    Time is Money.

    Do a search for Gmaps and you will find the program.

    You can then Export your list in Cvs format (EXCEL) and print off as needed.
    Get entire State B2B Leads for only $20.00 or get 1,000 Surveyed MLM Leads for your business for only $20.00. Check it out at:
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    But wouldn't you be printing a page from each business? You can only get those details on the individual pages.

    Is there any way to print a list from multiple business? Sorry if this is an obvious answer but I'm looking to print hundreds of business for calls.

    New to Manta and was hoping the info was organized less...well individually, a bit more streamlined.
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    TWalker-my thoughts exactly!

    Make $150 everytime someone backs up their computer!

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