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Where do you guys get the backlinks you need on a monthly basis when doing SEO for local business clients? There are backlink packets like Paul and Angela's, but to do it right you'd need more than just what's provided in those. What do you use/do to source the backlinks you need on an ongoing basis for clients?
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    Find a warrior offering a monthly subscription for certain amount of backlinks. I have someone ( not a warrior ) that provides me a mixed batch of 300 backlinks a month for around $55.00. These are forum profiles, blog postings,social bookmarking, rss feeds, etc...

    If you have trouble PM me and I put you in contact with him. Very reliable, reports always on time.

    Good Luck

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    You can do forum posting, press release, article submission, social bookmarking and others.
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    Credasys, do you have software or some other quick way to find relevant forums or blogs that are high PR and do-follow?
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    I think Scrapebox is a software that can find high PR sites. I am not sure if they have any WSO pricing available...

    If you want to do it manually, there is a WSO by Adam Roy that showcases the entire process. I won't be showing a link to his WSO here. It might against the rules, but search for his name and The Ultimate Backlinks Report.

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      Originally Posted by SirThomas View Post

      I think Scrapebox is a software that can find high PR sites. I am not sure if they have any WSO pricing available...

      Here is Scrapebox for $57.
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    Maybe this article from Search Engine Watch can help. It's about getting real links. Not some spammy profile links. I think it's important to be white hat when you are working with other peoples sites. How are you going to explain to a business that you got the site sandboxed and now you want your check?

    Link Building for Local Search - Search Engine Watch (SEW)
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    The link diversity will be the needed one,Getting links from different arena gives some extra boost to your site.
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    For local business SEO you can do:-
    Directory Submission
    Forum Submission
    Article Submission
    Social Bookmarking
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      Web2.0 ( Weebly, HubPages, Squidoo, LiveJournal )
      Social Bookmarks ( Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Delicious )
      EDU and GOV sites
      Relative Blog Commenting
      Google Places, Yelp, Merchant Circle
      Facebook and Twitter
      PR4 + Article Directories
      Press Release Sites
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        Here's a plan I gave a web design company today who also wants to do SEO for clients.



        Links will come from the highest page ranks you can get.

        At a minimum Yahoo Answers and Youtube.

        Possibly podcast and doc sharing sites.

        How this would work is we research what people want to know about your clients specialty
        and have him/her answer the questions.

        The answers will be placed on the appropriate questions at Yahoo Answers with a link back to your clients website.

        We then have that Q+A made into a video and have it broadcast on video sharing sites with links back.

        The audio will be placed on podcast sites and links placed back.

        Text can be placed on the top doc sharing sites with links back.

        We can also take the top 10 questions asked of your clients and turn them into content and published in different formats also.

        And then come up with the top 10 questions a prospective buyer should be asking.
        Once again send out and get links back.

        Not only are your clients getting the highest quality links, he/she is being made the authority in their field which makes for ideal clients.

        You now become more valued by your client because they see you are making them look special.
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