Google Officially Ends Support For QR Code in Places

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Could this be the beginning to the end of QR codes?

"Users will no longer find unique QR codes in their Places accounts. We're exploring new ways to enable customers to quickly and easily find information about local businesses from their mobile phones." Google

Google Officially Ends Support For QR Code in Places | Understanding Google Maps & Local Search
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    Google is the 800 pound guerrilla in the room. If they throw their weight behind NFC, I think the smart money is on them winning out eventually.

    Would this be akin to VHS vs Beta, Blu-ray vs. (already forgot who the competitor was)

    Sometimes I really hate Google's ability to shape the direction of Internet Marketing.
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    They were only trailing it in a few states so it is not the end or the beginning.

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    Interesting news about QR codes. The average person probably finds it too challenging to figure out the whole QR code thing. With an Offline business, the offline consultant is generally not targeting cutting-edge tech adopters.
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    I actually don't see this as a threat to the QR code revolution... NFC is exciting new marketing tool but certainly not a replacement for QR codes... and never will be - just the logistics and costs of mass customization and distributing them will make sure of that.

    QR codes are far from dead... they have already been around 10yrs... and they have a good future ahead of them as a complimentary marketing tool

    people first said facebook and twitter was for techies and too technical but now look at it... my gran has a facebook account!

    QR code marketing is just in its infancy here in the US and it will grow as the bigger companies continue to embrace it
    Sorry, I am too busy helping people to think of a cool signature!
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      I agree with this comment that is on your linked page:

      "I don't really see QR and NFC solving the same problems--thus not being interchangeable.

      You can't just print a NFC on your business card or in a paper. Or paint it on your car or your roof to be seen AND used from afar (maybe DASH7 could do that).

      For QR you just need paint and a camera. For NFC you need hardware AND you need to be very close to the object."

      Virginia Drew

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        I have never thought that the QR code on the places page is an efficient marketing tool. I mean - what does it bring for the business? A visit to the Google Place Page? OK, but if you put it on a business card, the whole valuable information is already on the card itself, isn't it? I am not saying that the QR code is useless from a marketing point of view. It's extremely valuable tool, but not for providing a link to your Google Place Page, but better - to the "Reviews by Google users" section and/or to a third-party review page, such as Insider Pages, Yelp, Yahoo! Local, Super Pages, etc.
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    As long as the premise to get offline customers viewing relevant online content is the same, I don't really mind if it is qr or NFc - as long as it works.

    Plus, if we can get more data regarding consumer behaviour that would allow us to better target a clients real consumer base - I for one would look forward to see what can be done rather than fear it.

    "Live like you'll die tomorrow, Learn like you'll live forever" - M. Ghandi
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