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by pspro
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Hey Offline Warriors,

Just wondering how you handle your Place Page images...

I've been keyword tagging them and just uploading them to the page but I'm thinking that maybe it would be beneficial to just upload them with the Flickr URL. Is anyone uploading via the Flickr URL instead of direct uploads to gain backlinks.

I did this for one new client last month as a trial, I have to go check the stats to see how its first month did and will report back.
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    If you want my honest personal opinion - tagging, backlinking and "optimizing" photos on Flickr, etc. doesn't have any or at least not more than MICRO-minimal effect on your Place page ranking. I would say so microscopic that it is not even worth losing your time to do that. The pictures might rank high for images search on Google though, which is still something, if you are aiming towards it.
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      yeah, I'd say that so far I'm not feeling the Flickr love from Google. The PP that I set up a few weeks ago with Flickr images is doing meh. Always looking for a new tweak though so 'ya gotta try

      Take care rbr
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    i'd like to know about the flickr page too...

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    Personally I havent used GP is awhile because it has just gotten to be too unpredictable lately. Not to mention it takes a long time to set up and verify in certain situations. Plus most of the search phrases I target either dont generate a local map/GP or no more than 1-3 at times.

    There are better places to focus your time and energy.
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