How to raise public awareness?

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Okay guys, I'm turning here for some ideas. I have been asked to help raise awareness for a rare condition called anorchia. Essentially, boys are born without testicles(it's not a joke, it's a real condition). There is research being done that could treat this condition, even cure it, but because the condition is rare, no one has applied this research to anorchia. So we want to get the word out.

Here's what we have;
Facebook support group(with ad)
Press Releases

What else can you guys think of to bring this condition to national attention?

Any help would be appreciated.
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    Twitter, YouTube and an educational website, to start with. Hiring an article writer with good seo skills using targeted questions as the titles, etc, to get people to see there are others with the same problem. You need a venue where people with the same condition can get together and speak. A forum would be a great start.

    Unfortunately we live in a society where conditions that only apply to us directly or indirectly are what catches are attention. Usually a person with a heart condition may be involved with a heart foundation and have no interest in diabetes cures and vice-versa. You have to find creative ways to let the public know what it is. And by "public" I'm not necessarily talking the general public, due to what I said above, but the public, ie, the people under similar circumstance with anorchia.

    Headlines like "Do You Have Anorchia?", "What Is Anorchia?", "Anorchia May Be Curable." are all what you may expect in a headline about it, but it doesn't get the people with similar circumstance to click and read if they don't know what Anorchia is. It also doesn't get people to click if they have no interest or know what it is. In my opinion titles like "Anorchia, Born With No Testicles, Gains Ground In Cure." are what will get people with that condition to click and read.

    I further suggest to use the search engines and look up phrases like "anorchia", what is anorchia?, born with no testicles and similar keyword phrases to see what is coming up so you get ideas. If you get a website set up with good SEO, the site will gain traffic and exposure for the condition.


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