Does anyone know the answer to this?

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I am a tad embarrassed I don't know the answer myself, but does anyone know if Google, and/or other search engines, automatically track a browser's location based on IP?

I have a connection which gives me a dynamic ip and have noticed that at times it seems Google has my location set automatically and have done searches without a locale keyword (like "roofer") and gotten local search results. I will at times get an ip that must be routed through other locations because I get irrelevant local results.

A minute ago I did the same thing and did not get any local results. I noticed that on Google there was a spot to enter my zip - searches done after that deliver a local result without needing any city name.

Does anybody know the answer to this? Does Google know where a visitor is coming from?
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    Hi Cherry,

    No need to be embarrassed.

    Yes, Google does track ip addresses. Anytime anyone has to 'communicate' with your computer, they need your ip address to do so. And yes, that is why you get the odd search results within Google. They are seeing where your ip is coming from and assume that is where you are. I get all kinds of craziness because I, much like you, have a dynamic ip address, which sometimes tells Google and others I am located across the country. LOL You can go in and change your location though in Google. I would obviously suggest going that route if you need local search results or ads within the Google search engine to show for the local area.

    I hope that helps. If not, feel free to ask questions. I'll do my best, as I am sure, will other warriors

    Here is a link you may find interesting. It is about Google's privacy & security measures and mentions the idea of ip addresses and what happens with them. Interesting...

    Google privacy and security policy
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    Yup, it is all traced using ip addresses. There are no stupid questions
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