What is the different between onl line and off line marketing?

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I want to know that what is a different between on line and off line marketing? Please reply must.
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    The difference is night and day. I've been doing Offline marketing since 2003. Tried my hand at Online (Internet Marketing) and found it was frustrating, took a long time to make any money, and there are more competitors than ever on the Internet.

    Offline is generally perceived as working with Small Business Owners to help them promote their business. We take our Internet and Marketing skills to promote their business. You can literally make money in 24 hours if you have a decent offer and know how to approach business owners.

    I got the bug for Offline back in 2003 when a friend of mine asked me to build a one page website. I bought a program called Frontpage by Microsoft and built him a crappy one page site. He loved it (at the time, haha) and handed me a $1,000 cash. I was hooked and been doing it ever since. Now I make 6 figures a year, never looked back and life is good. I still dabble in Internet Marketing but I find it frustrating to make any real money. Some are very good at Internet (Online) marketing and make millions. I'm a long way from that.

    If you need money fast, go offline. Then take the money you make and use that for seed money to go Online. Does that help?
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    The difference is obvious. With online marketing, you market your business via online means (forums, articles, search engines, video, podcast, etc).

    With offline marketing, you're not using the internet. So your marketing is confined to the "offline world". Some strategies are direct mail, newspaper advertising, classified advertising, magazine advertising, postcards, and etc.

    Still confused? Or did i answer your question for you?
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    You know, when it comes to warrior forum and other types of forums on offline marketing really they are talking about online marketing for offline businesses. So, going and visiting a physical businesses and say, "hey! We want to do your online marketing"; they just call it offline marketing because they are working with offline businesses.
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    Offline marketing philosophy is all about finding the right customers, who might be interested in reading your company's message and then might actually want what you are offering.Digital marketers have no economic reason not to contact everyone, short of increasing opt-outs through over-mailing. Hence the key to good digital marketing is good offer selection.
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    Offline marketing means marketing via TV , radio , flyers and other medi where internet not required!

    online marketing means marketing over internet
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