Emails vs. In Person?

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Hey guys,

I have a local job search website that I'm looking to go live with in the next week. I really need to contact businesses to let them know that my website is up and new, and to let them know they can post free jobs for a certain amount of time.

I'm not sure whether I should email businesses, or actually visit them with a flyer of my business.

I'm currently going to school, so emailing would take FAR LESS time and money, and I think that it could still be very effective. I could email them something very professional, and include all links including my businesses Facebook page.

But would visiting in person be more effective than sending out professional looking emails?
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    Could be time consuming, but I'd give Flyers or better yet if you could Call or Talk personally first to the individual businesses and than follow up with an Email (of just about the same degree) if possible.

    If you are going directly towards Emailing, Just be sure to double, maybe triple your amount of emails & businesses for better odds.

    (not to over step and you probably already know this)

    Try Temp Services: either way they value the most by a service like yours/ whether you Email or Personally Correspond with your potential clients.

    Good Luck, Hope it works out for you


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    I think it would be to your advantage to email them with your link attached to your flyers, it will also be less time consuming.
    I will also ping the site, submit to search engines as people love to place ads specially if these ads are FREE of charges.

    Good luck and I hope everything works out for you.
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    I think email would work great as long as you take the extra 3 or 4 seconds to make it a little personal by including their first and last name in the subject and in the body of the message.
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    In person is always better when possible. but due to your time restrictions you might test out just sending emails and maybe following up with a call.

    You might also be able to use craigslist as well. Post your site there as well targeting business owners that need your service.
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      Calling followed by an email would be great. Otherwise, just emailing would be effective, too, to get the word out.
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    Thank you all so much for the replies!
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    Just showing up wouldn't be the best, maybe starting with a simple email to see if they're interested. Then, you can follow up and schedule a meeting.
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    Because your business model is free posting I would suggest email.
    1. Make a list of your targets.
    2. Segment them into verticals. e.g Restaurants, autodealers.
    3. Deliver batches of vertical mails with the wording tweaked to reflect their market.

    Its how I email prospects.
    Just my 2pence worth.

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    i think you should email them with your links and flayers attached to the the mail, then follow up by calling them after a few days.
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    Hey guys,

    So what I ended up doing was sending some emails out today. I started with what my website is, the area that we cover, features and goals, how we can help businesses find employees etc.

    I've only got one email back so far asking to be removed from future email because they thought my email was spam. At first this kind of discouraged me, but I realized that contacting businesses this way is the only thing I can do right now with time and money constraints.

    I also "Liked" a bunch of differences with my websites Facebook Fanpage, so I'll work on connecting more on Facebook because I think it might not be considered as much as "spam."

    I've thought about the local newspaper, but from people I've talked to locally, it's really not worth the money. I've talked to a few people that have tried it for advertising and they got nothing from it, and ended up losing money.

    But like I said, emailing/Facebook is the only option I really have while I am going to school (I'm taking 19 HARD units).

    Does anyone have any other tips or advice?

    Thank you!
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    i think walking into a shop etc if you have the balls works wonders email is a less hit rate but there again u can send a lot more mails then what u can walk into shops!
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    Visiting in person is really time consuming and let us not forget, consumes your effort as well. But it is more effective than through email or fliers. I would suggest that you could distribute fliers and print ads to your customers or clients. Send emails or posts your products through social networking sites such as Facebook to inform other people that you have a product to sell. Then if anyone will sent you emails, mails, call or text that they are interested in your product, then that's the time you will visit that customer in person so you could explain your product directly to them and can even answer their question at the same time. You have to set limitations that you can only visit them in person if they are in the same area as you are. It is not fair to you if your customer is from the other state and requires your time and money to spend. It is also not an assurance that the customers will automatically purchase your product after your demonstration or explanation. You have to have some convincing skills to make your customer to like what you are selling and will eventually purchase some of your products.

    Always keep a positive outlook in life and never give up on challenges.
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      Try it all----keep notes and go with what works best for you.

      I do very well when it comes to face to face, especially if there is a coffee maker and some nice chairs to sit in....

      But I have to really push myself to do any phoning..........though once you find someone on the phone that you hit it off with the rest of the phoning day goes smooth as silk.

      Get in there and take a shot, I'll bet you will be surprised with the results you get and more important what you learn about what to do, say and present as you dig in.

      And don't forget to have a good time too Cause it shows.
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