What Competitive analysis tool do YOU lean on?

by BradB
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Guys and Gals.
I did it again.........sheesh......someone kick me in the

Wasted like 4 phone calls and a trip into town on someone who has no budget..........(place favorite cuss word RIGHT HERE!)

I would benefit from a tool that can show me a business in detail.
I have market Sammy and will be using it more in that capacity but are there others?

maybe that I could print out a report?

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    In the U.S. there is a service called Manta. Not sure if it available in Canada as well or if there is an equivalent.

    Many times, Manta tells you how many employees a business has and its annual revenue. That is a good way to weed out the companies with no budget.

    Also, a good way to find prospects that do have money to spend is to just look in the newspaper and phone directory. A full page ad in a newspaper, or even a half page ad, is a company spending some big bucks on advertising. They can't tell you they have no money to spend.

    Another thing I've done pretty successfully is get in good with a couple of professionals that can give you referrals. I have a pretty good relationship with a local attorney (that happens to do a lot of business consulting) and a local CPA. They have a pretty good idea what kind of financial shape the business is in before sending it my way. They do not waste my time with prospects that won't work out.

    Hope that helps.
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    Not for nothing, but you said you talked on the phone 4 times.
    Why not pre-qualify them on the first phone call?
    I personally pre-qualify every one while i am doing the "warm up / warm and fuzzy" i can usually tell pretty quick the budget, and if its worth my time.

    Bizz opps are my specialty. i can and do sell 8,000 - 15,000 in 20-30 min, one call closes. So i have to pre-qualify or i would waste my entire day.

    If you don't know how, or have questions about it. pm me, ill show you some of my techniques. I will tell you, pre-qualifying is an art form, and it does get easier as you do it more often and once its second nature. it really really helps you close any deal

    One more thing to remember --Buyers are Liars --
    it is there job to say no, and i don't have the money for that
    its your job to show them that they do have it.
    i cannot even begin to tell you how many times i hear i cannot afford that.
    i hear it several times per phone call. and some where around the 4th close they stop
    saying they are broke, and start asking the "real" buying questions.

    They simple truth of the matter is if they really want what you have , regardless of cost
    they will find a way to get it.

    Selling Ain't for Sissies!
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