How can I help a Spa?

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So I've been sending e-mails to local businesses about bad reviews and low ratings on Google Maps.

I decided to drop by for a personal visit for two in the neighbourhood.

The owner of the Spa was actually there when I was talking to the receptionist so she asked me to sit down with her and talk about how I can help her. She mentioned that she'd seen my e-mail but overall didn't seem to care too much about the fact that her business was rated 1-star on GP (It looked like a really nice place so don't know what the reviews were like).

She said she was already getting a mobile site up and that she's already collecting e-mail addresses but was interested if I had anything new ideas in terms of marketing online. She was especially keen for it to be local based.

She was also wary of things like GroupOn etc because she felt it lowered the value of her brand and that it would bring in mostly freebie seekers. QR codes did not peak her interest either.

The only thing I could think of on the spot was FourSquare?

Any other ideas?

BTW, she seemed switched on and wanted to make sure that everything was measurable so that she could determine if the marketing efforts were working.
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    Did you ask her how she was marketing to that email list? She doesn't necessarily need to get new customers in order to make more money. She could really focus on getting repeat customers back in the door and working on up sells. She could potentially even consider some kind of referral program. There are tons of things she could do that probably wouldn't cost her a thing and could boost sales considerably.

    But if she is looking for new forms of marketing, does she has a facebook page for her business? If so, does it have a welcome page with a special offer on it? Has she ever thought about using text message appointment reminders? Not only will that cut down on the amount of no shows but it gives her an additional list to market too.

    Hope that helps! Feel free to PM if you have any specific questions!

    Good job taking action and getting a sit down appointment btw!!
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      Market market market....

      Don't try to sell.

      Educate instead.

      Do an analysis of her business. Help her to see that although she has some things set up they might not be working efficiently.

      Your job is to look for the gaps in her business.

      Every business has them.

      How does she bring in new business?

      Does she have a system in place that can bring in predictable results?

      How well does her system convert the fence sitters into customers?

      How well does her system convert customers into clients?

      Does she have a referral system in place?

      If so how well is it working?

      Does she have upsells in place?

      If so how well are they working?

      Does she have a system in place for getting her clients to order more frequently?

      In other words...

      You simply need to look at the three areas Jay Abraham says are the only three ways for growing a business which are:

      1. Increase the number of clients
      2. Increase the average size of the sale per client
      3. Increase the number of times the clients return to buy again

      Next you simply look at what she is doing or not doing in these areas and make your suggestions.

      Ultimately you want to become an asset to her business not a liability.

      And by that I mean you want to become the kind of person who brings her new innovative ideas that help her earn more money and not just someone who is there to take money away from her.

      She will see you as being valuable if you can help her come up with the ideas and have it appear as if they were there inside of her all the time.

      Most business owners don't like for you to come in and tell them that what they have built and put together is all wrong.

      They don't like to be dictated to. Taking orders is sometimes hard for them. After all, that's why they became self employed, it was because they wanted to make their own decisions.

      So you have to fit what you have to offer in with their current train of thought so that they will see it as being something they came up with and that you helped them to do so.
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        Well said dealmaker!
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        Another tip for you is this.

        If you're ever offering services that deal with social marketing then give them proof.

        I love proof.

        Good data to help me educate my market.

        So what I'll do is I'll often show them a snapshot of their social reputation online.

        I go to the site

        Next I'll have THEM type in their business name and zip code.

        When the results come up they get to see their score and what all of the things that are still needed to be done or improved upon.

        When do I use this site?

        Whenever the client feels like there isn't anything that I have to offer them and I've researched their business beforehand and I know that they need help in areas.

        Now why do I have them type it in instead of me?

        Just a bit of psychology.

        I'm getting them to make baby steps. Small steps toward being consistent with their actions.

        They typed in their business not me. So there's no funny business on my part as if I'm trying to trick them.

        They see the results from a third party that says you need help.

        There's no pressure from me.

        It's all internal. Self imposed.

        They've taken the time to see me. They've looked up their own site. Now to stay true to their actions they want to know how can they fix these issue's that they've found on their I simply offer to help.
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    Good decision to make,Mobile marketing helps alot in terms of business.thank you
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    Absolutely love the ideas given by thedealmaker above. I would take a serious look at the demographics serving the spa and whether the owner is adequately serving that demographic. From what you've written, the owner seems to have the desire to market to an exclusive clientele. If that is the case, then repeat business and upsells are going to be the focus of any marketing efforts. The reason I say this and not "getting more clients" is that exclusive high-end patrons are more than likely far fewer than the general populace at large. If you can ferret out the owner's "vision" then you'll have a better chance of selling her.

    Regarding metrics, I think a simple "How did you hear about us" on an initial customer questionnaire would be the owner's best bet, especially if the options are visible for marking instead of a "fill in the blank" answer.

    Remember that marketing is either emotional, logical or some keen mix of both. In my line of marketing (politics) emotional is most often utilized. If the general public responded to logic in politics, believe me that there would have been a President Kerry elected in 2004. If the spa is based on health then the logic of taking care of your body and the emotion of "getting away from it all" could be useful. If the spa is mainly based on beauty, then the emotion is apparent. I would use this when approaching the owner on what you can do for the spa.

    I hope I was able to offer some small contribution.


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    Has anyone mentioned a custom facebook fanpage app?

    This could get the spa moving really quickly with a 'hot' package offer if you like their page. It has to be custom though, I wouldn't do a cheesy simple page.

    Chances are that every client they have is already on FB, why not keep them up to date through a FP Custom App?

    What advertising medium does this business have in place, right now, to get out a weekend promotion for this coming weekend? (very powerful question to ask a business owner)

    Everyone talks about groupon, the fact is groupon takes half of your money. Is that a good deal? I don't know maybe, you have to run the numbers. Plus there is a waiting list in most cities.

    Start with a fan page app.

    Have a laptop in the store at the counter and have the clients sign up for their 'preferred customer' status by entering their email address for a coupon off their next visit as well as deals and perks throughout the year.

    Some where I saw a mobile website mentioned. What is its purpose? What will it do for the owner? Let everyone know their hours and location? Or is it a lead generator?

    She is collecting email addresses? How? On a sign in sheet at the front counter? In her POS system? (Point of Sale)

    Everything, Every Thing must resort back to the sales funnel.

    Don't be intimidated by a little bit of lingo that this business person has. Most of the time some business owners do know a little bit because they have to to stay in the game. Dig in with them and see just what they know about 'collecting' email address. Ask them how they are going to use their mobile site? Are they also going to incorporate a short code service for sms marketing? Do they have a QR Code at the front door with their contact info so that patrons can store them in their mobile device?

    It's sounds like this business owner has some what of a marketing outline but needs a professional to come in and build them a plan. They already know the importance because they are working on the things that are the latest buzz.

    However, be the professional and talk about sales funnel. All this other stuff is just different technologies to get your message out. Use those technologies to drive sales.

    This will be an easy customer if you prove your value in their mind, simply because inside, I believe they really need somebody to put it all together for them.

    Just my $.02

    Ray S.
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      Originally Posted by rsteadm2 View Post

      What advertising medium does this business have in place, right now, to get out a weekend promotion for this coming weekend? (very powerful question to ask a business owner)

      Ray S.
      Absolutely LOVE this! That this is indeed a very powerful question is extremely true. It's amazing how new ideas are shared, and sometimes the simplest things can make a difference.

      Fantastic share, Ray. Thank you!
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    You could also suggest a mobile app. Ask her, as a business woman, how often she carries her smart phone.

    Then state the benefits of mobile QR coupons, customer check ins, fan wall, and in app messages like SMS but with out the text rates!

    Usually business owners know that mobile is getting big but really don't know how to tap into it.

    Good luck!

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    I would have said, "What has worked for you?" Then tested that to death on adwords, then put it to use in ALL her campaigns. I do this all the time. I never run print ads, kijiji ads or anything without first testing the different offers and headlines in adwords. Only cost a few bucks and think about are saving them TONS of money by making sure their messages are really working in the first place. Bet no mobile site or groupon agent offered her that.
    I have no agenda but to help those in the same situation. This I feel will pay the bills.
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    You know, I saw this recently with a laser clinic actually. They were wasting about 95% of the ad space on stuff about their location, useless headlines, fancy logos and about how they just moved, They were also all over the place on which service they were pushing. Very confusing full page ad. Weird that they do not know which one to focus on. Help businesses with that focus and prosper.

    I will give you another example. Most lawyers have ads that list their services and contact info. What a waste! In my province, lawyers make their retirement income on Wills and Powers of Attorneys (executor fees are HUGE sometimes in the hundreds of thousands). You would think they would PUSH wills like crazy. Some do and make the money. But no, most push real estate law because its their immediate bread and butter. There was a few smart lawyers that even offered free wills when a couple bought a house. This pretty well guarantees their future income. Talk about a selling point...

    sorry off topic a bit but you get the idea...
    I have no agenda but to help those in the same situation. This I feel will pay the bills.
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    you could probably show her some google search count for similar business in that area.
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