The "Power of CROSS-Promoting"!

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Hi folks.....just wanted to "Share" something with you as to "How You Can Use CROSS-Promotion" (aka Using 1 Business to help another)

In my "Real-world" Sales experiences contacting "OFFLine Businesses....(I...actually...go out and Sell My Stuff) ....I make Personal Calls on businesses and...sometimes I come across a business owner who is "Ready To Hang IT Up!

So...because I LIVE in this area....and do NOT like to hear about someone ready to Call-It-Quits after 15 yrs in biz (Hey! US Ad Sales Guys are NOT callous and without concern for others. US....who...Truly Believe the stuff we sell CAN be used to HELP SMALL BIZ OWNERS)....sometimes (here lately it's becoming more prevalent with "Obama-Nomics")....sometimes I just close my pitch book and .....tell the owner I'd like to see if there's anything I can come up with that could ...."KEEP HER FROM CLOSING DOWN!"

So....she relaxes her "Guard"...looks me in the eye and realizes I AM SERIOUS about trying to HELP her.

(I'm talking to the owner of a Do-It-Yourself Ceramics biz who has a HUGE shop OFF on a side street)

She tells me she's "tried This" and "Tried That" and NOTHING has worked!

So....after some intent questioning I finally determine that her MAIN Problem is....GETTING PEOPLE INTO HER SHOP....AT LEAST TO MAYBE JUST....LOOK AROUND!

So....I "mentally" go thru some of the promotion programs I've done over the last 30 yrs and....BINGO-BANGO-BAMMO! I come up with one I propose she try.!

A few yrs ago I created a "PIZZA-CARD" program where a local pizzeria would allow me to SELL a Card that had "20 FREE 2for1 Pizza deals" on it.

I sold the "heck" out of these...for 10bux each (Just noticed a guy with a WSO...selling the same concept....but...he keeps what he's doing "secret" until you buy it! Which is OK by me!)

So....knowing that "Pizza Cards" are POPULAR with "Consumers"'s what I proposed to the owner of a "Ceramics" biz....ready to call it quits after 15 yrs;

I told her that I would
1) get the local Pizza Place to agree to honor 1,000 of my "Pizza Cards" offering TWENTY....Buy 1, Get 1 Free!
2) I would print up the 1,000 Cards at NO charge to her (cost me less than $50)
I wanted her to run an ad in the Sunday Paper (in the Local Life Section) that said...."FREE PIZZA! Get a FREE Card...good for 20 "Buy 1 Get 1 Free" Pizzas at XPizza! Just come into X-Ceramics and mention you saw the Ad!"

Now....I told her SHE would have to pay for the Ad and keep track of each person who came in to get the "20 Free Pizzas -Card" (They'd fill in a sheet with their Name, Address and email addy)'s been about 2 wks since her ad ran and I stopped in to see her this morning.


She's had over 800 people come in to get the Free, 2for1 Pizza Cards and, MANY OF THEM BOUGHT SOMETHING! now has a "Mailing List" she can send "Special Offers" to (my suggestion)

So....although all I did was use my knowledge and expertise to help out someone who NEEDED SURE FELT GREAT to....GET THAT HUG!

And...when it all comes down....isn't THAT what we're all after? A "Big Hug"....knowing that WE did something to "Help" someone else?

Wow! Sure made ME feel good!

Thanks for letting me share this with you.

Don Alm...."Will Work For Hugs"
#power of crosspromoting
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    To summarize; When I looked at this "Marketing" situation I asked;

    "WHY.... would local residents, who thought they had NO INTEREST whatsoever in...Ceramics....want to GO INTO a "Ceramics" store?

    Well...the answer is, "For ANOTHER REASON!"

    In THIS case....the other Reason was...."To Get a FREE Card entitling them to TWENTY "2for1" Pizzas!

    Which was...Reason enough to....take the Time to find out where the Ceramics Store was there....park....get out and GO IN... look around and ask...."Is this where I can get the Pizza Card?"

    Then...because MOST people are not just "Takers" (psychologically)...they felt they LEAST....Take a Look Around the shop!

    And....when some of them realized WHAT they were looking at....they BOUGHT!


    Isn't THAT...what this whole "Marketing Game" is Get People To BUY....who initially had NO idea of buying?

    Reminds me of the "Gold Hanger" promo I did for Dry Cleaners;
    Hung up a GOLD Hanger, next to counter, with a sign that said;


    You can't believe how many people...came in....saw the Gold Hanger...went back home and got MORE cleaning so they could get the FREE GOLD HANGER!

    It's ALL Psychological!

    Don Alm....Amateur PSychologist
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    This is great....well done on helping her out of a tight spot!!! Sounds like you are a really nice guy.

    I would also not be surprised if she comes to you again for further advice which means you have another client on board!!

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      Sounds great for her, Don!

      However, where you just helping her out of the kindness of your heart or if not, how did you make any money?

      You said she had to pay for the ad

      Did she pay you for the cards? If so, how much did you charge for putting it all together, including finding a pizza place that were willing to honor the card?

      Once you had located a willing pizza shop owner, did you charge him/her anything?

      Any clarification greatly appreciated, Thanks, Eva
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    Cool share, thanks!

    I've been compiling a list of referral methods that are win-win for both parties. This one definitely fits the definition.
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      Hey Eva....

      Sounds great for her, Don!

      However, where you just helping her out of the kindness of your heart or if not, how did you make any money?

      Answer....I did'nt make a dime! "Money" was NOT my "Motive" (gee whizzo Eva....US Direct Sales Guys are NOT all..."greedy *******s" looking to "Scam" others! "SOME" of us ..."actually LIKE" what we are doing! And, are SINCERE in our efforts to "HELP"...OFFLine Biz Owners!

      So...with that in Mind; Sometimes...(more so NOW that Obam-inomics is in place)....US "Sales Guys"...who are ACTUALLY....OUT IN THE MARKETPLACE.... "Plying Our Wares" ....coming across "Situations" where....yeah....we will NOT make a fact "WE"..."US old-time Sales Guys...will actually;
      1) Call-In some of OUR contacts and Favors
      2) SPEND some of our Cash to HELP...a Fellow Biz-Owner.

      Hey EVA!.....IT is NOT....ABOUT....US! It's about....WHAT...we DO... while we are "some" of US...see a situation where...for a few Bux and a few Phone Calls....can HELP a "Fellow Business Person"....HEY! WE....DO IT! MANY CASES, over my "30yr Direct Sale Career"....where I've been able to HELP a Fellow Biz Owner....I've done it!

      And I appreciate the Opportunity THIS Forum allow guys like me....who've spent most of our Careers....Marketing and Selling and Promoting...."Our Stuff" be able to present ....THE TRUTH .....of what "we" go thru on our Daily Routines..... NOT.... Dependent On ANYONE....other than "Our Selves AND Our GOD!

      So...excuse me for this somewhat long...dissertation....but I felt motivated to respond.

      You said she had to pay for the ad

      Did she pay you for the cards? If so, how much did you charge for putting it all together, including finding a pizza place that were willing to honor the card?

      Once you had located a willing pizza shop owner, did you charge him/her anything?

      Any clarification greatly appreciated, Thanks, Eva I said above....SOMETIMES...US....SUPER Sales-Guys....WANT to HELP a small biz owner....WITHOUT looking for "Something Back"!

      There's MANY of US "Sales People" who....ARE SINCERE.... and BELIEVE in WHAT we HELP those who buy from us...HOWEVER....there are MANY times where....we KNOW the "Prospect" we are trying to sell our "Thingee" to.....TRULY CAN'T AFFORD IT! fact....they are about to "go under" do we do? Fold up our "Pitch Books" and thank them for "giving us their Time to try and sell them our thingee"...then...walk out the door?

      HELL NO! NOT ME! I did NOT want this woman to close her doors after 15 yrs in biz! I KNEW...there was something I KNEW....that could HELP HER!

      And....I used my Contact (with the Pizza Guy) ...and my "Printer" and my knowledge of WHAT Works and What Doesn' HELP THIS WOMAN!

      And....tomorrow morning at 8am Pacific Time....guess what I'll be doing? Yup....phoning my Biz Card Printer in SoCal to send me a batch of 2,500 Of my Pizza Cards.

      So....I'm sorry EVA....this time I have NO "Great Money_Making" program to report. I did NOT present this as a Money_Maker....and was NOT looking for getting anything from THIS deal but... HUGS!

      Don Alm...."Will Work For Hugs"!
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        Right On Don!

        I am a 'volunteer' kinda guy... Been given the 'gift' of 'Helping'.

        I know exactly what you mean.

        And at least this woman wanted help - really wanted help.

        I seem to find the ones who complain but won't take action... or won't trust me when all it takes is a little shove and I am in your court with you.

        Now you have me thinking that instead of asking them to call me when they are ready, I should just keep showing up till they take me up on the offer.

        Perhaps when the cashflow is a bit more consistent this would make sense.

        But Right On, Way to Go Don!

        She won't forget you any time soon I'll bet...

        Somethings are better than $$$

        Patrick AKA Pierre!
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    thanks for sharing

    ps: i got a good laugh of the gold hanger promo
    Nova Pagina - Portuguese IT firm || Web Development
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    thank you for your clarification, although, as you said, somewhat lenghty... Figured I'd jump in early to save someone else the head-spinning. Kind of thought it was just you helping this person out, nice. And no, I am not a greedy, "you know what",,, lol. It is excellent that you can afford doing what you do. Maybe one day I will be in your position.

    Thanks again, Eva
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    I'm a small business owner who can pay with hugs in need of some kudos to you for using your powers for "good", I hope I can do the same one day and remember who inspired me in the first place
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    Hey Midasman,

    You gave me a really good answer for my elders care questions. I tried to pm you about it, but Warriorforum doesn't allow me ( not enough posts ).

    Is there any way I can contact you, over email ( facebook, skype ) maybe? I would really apreciate it, cause I really need some help.


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