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I am focusing to sell mobile website to hotels in my country and apparently more sophisticated hotel has their own booking system.

The question is, how can I incorporate this into the mobile website?
The obvious one is the mandarin hotel mobile website.

Also a handful of them has online payment system too, this is a bit technical hurdles for me.
How can I incorporate all of these into the mobile website?
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    I'm interested on that too!
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    If it is not mobile enabled basically there is nothing you can do unless you want to spend a lot of money doing a custom solution.

    Most of them have pretty specialized systems they lease so pretty hard market to break into.

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      My suggestion;

      Make up a "Directory" of Jakarta Hotels with it's own unique Domain.

      are BOTH AVAILABLE as of this morning.

      Using Kompozer or Front Page and Quentin's Script (and Tutorials)...set up a Directory on your OWN Server. Let's say it's,

      Now....the 1st page will List the Jakarta Hotels in Alphabetical Order and clicking on any hotel Link....will bring up your "Sample Mock-Up" page for that hotel. (Just a 1-page thing with Photo or Logo at top....
      1 paragraph description....Name, Address Phone (could be a Tap To Call Link) of hotel or inside of a room....Google Map showing where THAT hotel is located) (You could also provide a Link to their existing site)

      Now....give each hotel page having it's own SUB-Domain, ....etc

      Just a 1-Column Page for each hotel.

      Put this up on YOUR GM of each hotel (or what I usually do is go IN-Person) and tell him you've created a Mobile Site for his hotel and you'd like to show it to's TOO HARD to explain over the phone! (Too easy to brush-you-off on the phone)

      Now...I'm assuming you have a Mobile Phone (If not...a print-out will STILL get the point across of what you're doing)....hold your phone up so he can see what you're doing....type in your directory addy (Better yet and FAR MORE IMPRESSIVE is to create a QR Code that brings up YOUR Directory Site)

      Let GM see the 1st page where ALL hotels are listed in Order. Click on His Hotel Link. Let him see what it looks like....telling him this is a Mock-Up and he could change what he wants.

      Now....tell him you will be placing the QR Code IN the Visitor Center on a Plastic Display so that all who enter can Scan in the Code and be taken to YOUR HOTEL DIRECTORY

      Tell him you will also be doing SEO so your Hotel Directory site comes up when people are searching for a Hotel in Jakarta.

      Now...granted...EVERY hotel will be listed in your Directory....however, knowing the competitive nature of hotel mgmt....I think each will WANT to be on....just so their competitor's are on and they are not!

      I'd charge a Set-Up Fee of at least $140 each and $150/mo...with 3 mos in advance....for a total of $590 from each hotel.

      If there are 20 hotels their....using Quentin's stuff you could spend 30min setting up each hours or less and you could have something that could provide you with a nice residual.

      An extra thought would be to add restaurants to your directory. Even the hotels that have IN-House restaurants realize their guests will NOT want to eat EVERY MEAL in their facility. (I've set something like this up and know that hotels WITH restaurants will also participate in a "Restaurant Guide" that show OTHER restaurants in the area)

      I don't have a clue as to what the Jakarta Hotels Rates are or what that market is like. You could charge a lot more. Or...go with my suggestion for 1st 3 mos and see how it goes....maybe checking in now and then to the hotels to see what the reaction is at the front desk.

      You could RAISE your monthly fee considerably...once you know it's working.

      Best of success to you.

      Don Alm....offering a Marketing Suggestion
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        Hi midasman, that is nice method there. One question though, are you allowed to put your qr code in the visitor centre just like that?
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    Here is one variation on midasman suggestion. How about using Wordpress MultiSite (MU)? With Wordpress you can easily run a web and wap site at the same time.
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