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Hey Guys,

So allot of you guys have added me on skype for some advice to do with offline marketing, now i come to you

I have very nearly, lost all interest in offline consulting/marketing, why ? i have no idea maybe i just need a change for a while ?

So im going to go back to focusing on my club promoting/events management company for a while, and having the offline consulting run itself with the employees rather than me playing a big role in it

So right, i do club promoting i'm fairly well known in the circuit, and i live in London...HUNDREDS if not thousands of clubs to promote, best bit ? majority of them are guest list only

So yeah I've been doing this for a while, but then i thought i wanted to..spice it up a bit

So i came up with the idea, of having a card for clubbers, where they pay £50 a year (debatable) and this card entitles them to discounts at clubs/free entry/drink

Bit like a loyalty card,

BUT... how would i pitch this to the clubs ? as really there not getting massive amounts back, rather than a bit of advertisement

If you lot got any idea, please share and even bits i could ADD to this to make it more appealing to club owners
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    Sounds like your in the forum there buddy
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    if the owners would get to be able to do an e-mail blast to the list of card holders that might be incentive. Not to give them direct access to the list, but to be able to mail you something to send out once or twice a month. (more than that people would be signing off the e-mail list with the amount of clubs sending out notices.) I would want notices of special events or drink specials or something. That could add to the club's draw on slow nights or something...

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    I feel you on that bro.

    I honestly didn't even head out to the office today. I make easy six figures a year flipping houses and I work less than 100 hours. But it never motivated me. So I got into offline marketing and now I have 6-9 employees. I dont even know how many employees I have, that's how much i'm out of it.

    I tell people to "eff" passion. What I'm passionate about is hanging out with my friends & family and traveling.

    Anyways, as far as the club promotion, i feel like clubbers are lazy ass hell. I have few club promoter friends and I don't know if people would be willing to sign up for $50.

    What I realized is that all clubbers want to look COOL. I myself dont' mind poppin bottles for $350 but I wouldn't spend $50 for a membership. It kinda looks UNCOOL.

    haha i know it sounds corny but that's how people are. everyone wants to go out to the club and look like a baller.

    maybe if you made the membership card to be EXCLUSIVE. kinda like why people buy tables. a lot of people reserve tables and bottles to LOOK cool, not to sit down comfortably.

    I hope that helps. I might be TOTALLY off since that's not my niche.
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