I'm a Business Owner, Are You?

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Hello All,

I'm relatively new to the WF, but not totally new to the marketing world. I've only been offering marketing services to businesses for less than a year through my own business, but I've been selling marketing services to businesses as a sales person for a few years. The other day I had a meeting with a potential client and my wife asked me if I was ever nervous to meet with these business owners. My answer was simply, confidently, no. I didn't think anything of it at the time, but as I was talking to someone else I thought about why I'm not nervous to meet with business owners.

I used to be nervous meeting with business owners when I first started selling to them, but now I feel like I'm just a potential partner for them and them for me. I own a marketing business, they own a "whatever type of" business. I can help them either make more money or spend less time (be more efficient at) making the same amount of money. It seems like a win/win to me.

If you're having trouble providing marketing services perhaps it could be your mindset about what you're doing. Are you in sales? There's nothing wrong with sales, in fact there's a quote I believe 1000% that says "NOTHING happens until a sale is made." I believe it applies to everything in life, but if you have some strange feelings toward sales, yet feel like you have to sell marketing services to businesses, it probably won't work very well for you. Instead of being in sales, just be a business owner looking to partner up with other business owners.

If it makes you feel like more of a business owner, incorporate your business. You'll definitely have to do it eventually anyway. If you can't afford to incorporate yet, at least get a DBA and a business bank account.

Just be a business owner. Hang out with other business owners. Read books that business owners read.

As I've gotten to know more business owners I've learned that they're just human like me. Not that I thought they were non-humans lol, but hopefully you know what I mean.

You own a business and hopefully you offer a service or services that other business owners will thank you for. I've had 2 business owners this week thank me for doing business with them. We haven't even actually done the business with them yet, but they're thankful already. I really think they just see my company as a valuable partner to them because I went to them as a business owner who wanted to partner with them and help them make more money, get more exposure, etc. I didn't go to them as a sales person although I did sell them something.

Hopefully this helps someone get the proper mindset for running your offline marketing business.

If you're an experienced marketing business owner please leave your input on how you established your mindset as a business owner when you first started out or what it took for you to just BE a business owner.
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    Thank you for this....helps me get into the correct mindset!
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      Hi Conrad, thank you for a great share. I read somewhere, I think it was Brad Sugars - he said that all businesses are in the marketing business, the only difference is their products/services and delivery processes. It is a very interesting idea. Like what you have said, nothing happens until a sale is made. How true!
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        Originally Posted by skyseer View Post

        Hi Conrad, thank you for a great share. I read somewhere, I think it was Brad Sugars - he said that all businesses are in the marketing business, the only difference is their products/services and delivery processes.
        Yes, this is true. Aside from handling finances, marketing is the most important part of a business. Sadly, a lot of business owners consider marketing activities as an expense rather than an investment.
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    Originally Posted by ConradDeas View Post

    Hello All,

    I feel like I'm just a potential partner for them and them for me. I own a marketing business, they own a "whatever type of" business. I can help them either make more money or spend less time (be more efficient at) making the same amount of money. It seems like a win/win to me.
    Anyone new to IM needs to read this over and over and get it wrapped into there heads. You own a business you are the same as everyone else. All business owners put there pants on one leg at a time. Everyone is human, get in the mindset early in your career and get the benefits later
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    I own three businesses. When I first started, it was as a hobby. I had a day job and in the evenings I would fix people's computers for very little money. As the word of my services grew, I then began to hire people to help out and we grew from there.

    I think marketing is the second most important thing. The first is customer service. You can market until the cows come home but if you don't take care of people you'll be wasting your time.
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    That's a great post Conrad! I'l read that through a few more times.

    Very helpful thanks.
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    Hi Conrad great thread and certainly true

    I feel this is why a number of people either dont get started or do and struggle, simply because they dont feel (and often rightly so) that theyre on a level with the business owners theyre looking to work with.

    Some people will disagree here and theres always going to be exceptions to every rule but IMO you have to know and understand the business world to some degree and marketing to a larger degree and ideally really grasp the industry in which your prospect is trading.
    Way too many people are going in with 'I know this skill so thats what we're pushing' so they may get sales from business owners who dont fully understand this industry but unless theyre matching up what that business in its unique specific position within its industry and that industries position within the business world needs ,again IMO, theyre massively screwing the business owne.

    Contacting a business as another business owner rather than as a pushy sales person definitely wins more yesses, how many people on here truly consider themselves to be business owners and how many are just having a punt hoping for a lucky break.

    I done a thread a while back kind of relevant to this http://www.warriorforum.com/offline-...aying-yes.html

    Now with a limited company and VAT registered in UK it just positions me a little bit higher and seems to hold more kudos with fellow business owners, youre looked on as a longer term more serious business.
    On talking with business owners at say networking events I position myself immediately as the expert, Im never just a marketing consultant, I create massive opportunities for business to grow , I start off talking about the latest fad in say mobile marketing , stuff theyve not have heard from the average marketing person, they likely wont understand half of it even keeping it totally non technical who amongst the average business owner really grasps what AR or NFC can bring to their business , but having the picture painted in words into their ears with 'imagine that possibility for your business, how great would that make you feel for your clients to be able to .......' and Ive immediately stood head and shoulders above any other marketing person theyve spoken to for months, they come back at some point with 'everyone else is still talking about social media/ PPC/ SEO etc!' ahhh so thats the hook I was really looking for but now they know I can take them further, much much further into the future than all the average Joe marketing persons theyve met before


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    My husband and I have had our own biz for almost 17 yrs. In the beginning it was hard to get going and money was slow to come in, but he's a determined person and stuck to it. Within a few months the money started coming in regularly and it grew from there until it got too big to handle and we sold half of it to a friend, to lighten hubby's workload, and our friend is still at it about 8 yrs later.

    Hubby had to learn to sell himself and his skills and prove to the customer her could do what he said he could do. His customers love him now, he's got a set route he takes each day to service the customers and it has all been very successful.

    Anyone who thinks they are going to get rich overnite is only fooling themselves. There's a lot of hard work and determination needed to get a biz off the ground and make it successful.

    What does hubby do? He is a mobile biz doing paint chip repair on vehicles for area car dealers. He has his gear in his van, mixes paint on the spot, so the vehicle doesnt need to leave the lot. He helps the dealer get more money for the vehicle once it's touched up.

    Two years ago we started an online biz, as a result of our regular biz, selling DIY kits to Canadians so they can touch up their own cars themselves. This biz is growing nicely and working well.


    ChipFixx custom mixed auto touchup paint kits.

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    I don't own a business. Unless you're talking about IM, I have a small company.
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    Hey Conrad,

    Great post and I totally agree with you that mind set is everything.

    As soon as people start asking "How Can I?" instead of saying "I Can't Do That" or "I Don't Know How to Do That" opportunities open up.

    Plus most of the time you shouldn't be spending your time doing "THAT" anyways. Find people who can and move on : )

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    Conrad, love your thread here. Awesome advice. If one could just NOT see themselves as a measly cold caller bothering business people, and actually see themselves as one business owner talking to another - which is TRUE- if they could see the "truth" and get beyond the stigma attached what they are doing (cold calling...making sales presentations...), then their closing ratio, and self motivation will go up, and fear of meeting or approaching people will disapear. This is an important thread with "real world" truth in it that should be read by everyone, IMO.

    Positive Vibes thread and this one go hand in hand to me, both awesome.

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      I'm definitely very new to the marketing arena and wanted to say thanks for the words of advice. It'll be something that I'll try to apply in my endeavors.
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        John Durham, I liked your post, it points out a problem I have which is talking face to face with a potential customer if I dont actually know the person. I'm not sure what I am afraid of, being rejected probably, tho I know that can happen to anyone! I do know what I am talking about, it's a confidence thing for the most part, I believe.

        Funny tho, I am fine on the phone when people call for either of our businesses. The online one is the trickier one to explain, and sometimes people have really oddball questions! But I generally get a sale out of them so I must be doing something right.

        ChipFixx custom mixed auto touchup paint kits.

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          I've been "fortunate"....in the "Offline Consulting" biz....because...my wife wanted to start an "Antique Shoppe". So....I helped her find a location... helped move her stuff in AND....I was CONSTANTLY "On-The-Lookout" for...


          This "Intense Interest in Marketing"....caused me to have a HUGE number of "Marketing Programs" that I created....and would never had....if it wasn't for looking for ways to get "prospects, IN THE DOOR"....to my wife's RETAIL Antique Shop!

          So....when I got one of my "Hot Flashes" about a way to "Get Prospects IN the Door".....I also included OTHER retailers....so it cost my wife "Zero-Nada" to participate.

          PLUS....my Programs put MUCHO DINERO in MY pockets!

          And....I put these "Marketing Programs" together with "Mock-Up Samples" and ....went out and contacted local biz owners...showed them my "Mock-Ups" and .....the Reasons WHY....THEY should participate!

          So....I've been able to come up with MANY...MANY...different.... Marketing Programs for small businesses.

          And....relating back to the post about, "Providing Great Service"! Hey! That's a GIVEN! If you ain't "servicing" your customers/clients/patients... you ain't gonna be around for long...no matter how many people are coming thru your door!

          So....assuming....that MOST biz owners try their best to "service"...."If You Can't Get Em IN The Door....you can have the best "Service" in the world BUT....what comes first....the "chickens or the eggs"?

          So....over the last 30 yrs...I've LOVED what I do (Creating Ways to Get Prospects IN their Doors....or...(regarding "Eating" places)...."FILL THEIR SEATS!" (Cause....if you aren't Filling The Seats....you can have the greatest Cooks but....without a "Marketing" program...it's gonna take a mighty Looong Time for "Word-Of-Mouth" to get working)

          I cannot believe (cause I'm STILL "out on the Battlefield")....how many biz owners rely on 2 things;

          1) Word-Of-Mouth (Hopefully....their present customers/clients/patients WILL...Spread the Word!
          2) Their Location! Over my 30 yr Sales Career of "Trying To Convince Biz Owners to try MY Marketing Programs".....I've seen over 90% of these "Hey! I'm letting my Location do the Marketing for me!....biznesses...go UNDER!

          So...my advice is; If you have something to sell to biz owners....and YOU believe....it will WORK for them....then....go out and Sell The Heck out of it! If you DON'T believe in what you're selling....Drop It an go find "Something YOU can Believe In!"....otherwise....you're just wasting your time!

          Thanks for letting me expound,

          Don Alm.....long-time "expounder"
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            Ohhh.....let me add this, re: Getting Prospects to BUY;

            In the early days of my wife's Antique Shoppe....she would occasionally ask me to "Watch The SHoppe"...while she went to an auction or garage sale.

            So...my first day "watching the Shoppe"....when people entered...I'd tell them..."Hi! Can I help you?"

            Their response was usually, "No! Just Browsing!"

            I thought, "Hey! That is a reponse meaning, "Don't Bug Me Buddy! I just wanna go round here an look at yer stuff...an...if I'm interested in ANY of it....I will THEN...ask you...but NOT before! I DON"T wanna be Hustled"!

            So....as a "Creative Thinker"....I thought, "Hey! HOW can I get these folks MORE interested in our stuff?

            Then I thought, "What...can I do to give these "browsers" a REASON TO BE MORE INTERESTED IN OUR STUFF?"

            When I used the word "Browser"....this caused something to "connect in my branium"!

            That's when I got one of my INfamous, "HOT FLASHES"!

            "Why don't I make up a Coupon I can give those who enter....a REASON to want to "THINK ABOUT BUYING....rather than Browsing"?

            So....I ran home and created a "Coupon" I call...."BROWSER BUCK"! Ran some off in my Inkjet and ran back to our Shoppe and....when the next person entered....I handed them one of my "Browser Bucks"...which was worth ONE DOLLAR towards ANYTHING in the Shoppe....just for today!


            Now....instead of people just cruising around .....browsing....not really concentrating at what they were looking at...or for....they were NOW... moving SLOOOWLY....CONCENTRATING on each and every item....thinking about; "WHAT CAN I SPEND THIS DOLLAR ON!"

            Sales went THRU THE ROOF!

            A woman came up and asked me, jokingly, "Could I use my "Browser Buck towards the purchase of this Table?"

            Holy Schamoly! The Table was priced at $2,875....you kidding me?

            So...with just a "simple" idea....I was able to do 2 things;

            1) Cause "Browsers" to concentrate on our stuff
            2) Cause "buyers" to NOT want to "dicker" because I had ALREADY given them "something OFF"

            If you've ever gone into an Antique or Collectibles Shop.....your FIRST instinct is to "See If You Can Get The Item...for LESS!" Well....by giving a "Discount" when they walk in....they felt that, to ask for more off...would be GREEDY....so...psychologically.....THEY USUALLY DIDN'T ASK FOR A BETTER DISCOUNT!

            Anyway....thanks for reminding me of a "Fun, Exciting" time in my life where I saw a "Marketing Idea"...unfold before my eyes!

            Don Alm.....Marketing Guy
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    I like the way you say you own a marketing business - and not a "whatever" business owner.
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    Hi Conrad, thank you for a great share,how should say that,be a business owner,there are Happiness and worry
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    Excellent thread!
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    Great Thread! very helpful. Thanks a ton
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    Originally Posted by ConradDeas View Post

    As I've gotten to know more business owners I've learned that they're just human like me. Not that I thought they were non-humans lol, but hopefully you know what I mean.
    Conrad, Nice post. I too am new to the warrior forum but not to business. I am a sales trainer/coach. I travel all over our nation training sales people.

    I remember the day I learned that everyone I approach is just another humane. It was I would say 10 years ago or so. I was about 30 years old and co-owner of a music business in Nashville. I was feeling very green behind the ears as far as the music business went. I had at the time been in the business world for 5 years and doing well. My partner knew the music world quite well, he had been quite successful in it and want my business since as a partner.

    Well the day came when I was to meet with an older gentleman who had written over 100 published songs was now a producer and very well know in the music biz. He could walk into any record company and even a hand full of television stations, and walk straight to the president's office with no problems and pitch whatever artist he was promoting. I called him the God father of Nashville.

    Was I nervous? Heck yeah I was. So, it came time to give him a call and set up the meeting my partner initially arranged. I said to myself "Michael you don't know the entire music lingo and will look like and idiot if you try to appear inelegant in this area" I was a 30 year old man who felt 14 again. Here I was meeting this legend and I didn't know near what I should. I decided that my best approach was honesty.

    The call that changed my perception, he answered the phone with hello this is this is Charlie. I said, Charlie before we meet I want to make one thing clear right way. I am a pup in the music business and I do not know the entire lingo yet. So I ask that you be patient with me in that area as I am learning. I am just a young pup. He said, ahhh Michael I am just an old fart who doesn't know much either. I knew better yet it was comforting to see I was talking to a humane not just an untouchable legend.

    It was what he said next that sealed my understanding that I was merely talking to a man. I am in Nashville with tons of incredible restaurants so I said, pick the restaurant of your choice, its on me. I will never forget his choice. Here he was a legend. He said, you know the Shoney's on such and such corner. I knew exactly it was sort of run down and very simple I passed it daily on my way to the office. That's where I want to go.

    This legend was just a man just like me. When I train salesmen at car dealerships I make sure they know the big business man who comes in to buy the Lexus or Mercedes once was the man who bought a Ford Escort.

    Happy hunting my fellow business owners. Go fight win!
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    I have owned several businesses in my life, and I started when I was so young, I don't really remember ever being nervous to talk to another business owner.

    All of my older relatives owned businesses and I got to help out at the register at the store or in the back at the restaurant or help get the coins out of the washing machines, etc. etc. etc. when I was young. My relatives owned all different businesses.

    So since I was 9 years old, I just always knew I would own my own business.

    Having come from that background and mindset, when I got out of college, it was a real eye opener to me to see how many people would never have considered the idea of owning their own business.

    So my goal was to show people that they too, could own their own businesses, but I realized, as you said, that it does indeed take a certain mindset.

    That is where the book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" came in for me to help others see the difference in the thinking that can actually keep even a wanna be business owner from really succeeding.

    For many, the start to owning their own successful business, no matter what, really is to change their thinking.

    Good post.
    44 days in and we broke the $10K a month recurring bench mark.

    Guaranteed 60% Opt In Rate Traffic-Real People-Fresh Today-High Quality Biz Opp traffic![/URL]
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    Having the correct mindset is the most important thing. It is easy to forget.

    I like the social aspect of what you are saying. This is very good advice. I tend to look at prospects as adversaries, instead of potential friends.
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