Who is doing the talking?

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When you are about to speak to a new client in person, are you talking with them or are you talking at them?

I'm sure you have been on the phone or talking with someone in person and it seems like it's one sided and they're doing all the talking.

Are you getting to know them or are you on a constant pitch?

We all want to make money in business, but the quick tip for you today is...

Start trying to put yourself in their place and come up with a solution they want to experience not one you want them to.

You might be thinking I'm not a mind reader Eric?

You don't need to be.

By asking the right questions and actually listening to your lead or customers, you will find out what the client or lead really wants.

A Bonus Tip For You...

Just because they told you something they wanted at first, doesn't really mean that's the real answer. Start to explore each answer they give you and see how quick you can really learn something about the real decider to their decision.

Now it's easier to make the sale for you because they told you what they really wanted and you are providing that exact solution not the one you wanted to give them.

This builds better rapport, builds better relationships and really becomes a win/win for both sides.

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