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I have sold a few websites in the last couple of months, but those just fell into my lap. Anyway, I live in a town of no more than 12k people, so is there even a reason to be trying to sell SEO in my town?

According to googles keyword tool, almost all of the niches in my town are receiving NO search engine traffic, so what do I do about this?

I just don't see how I could justify charging 2-500 dollars for something that isn't going to help out the business.
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    You're right about looking at SEO the way you're looking at it. All of the numbers and Golden rules do not work with Offline/local clients.

    What you have to understand is the lifetime value of a customer. If a plumber makes $500 for each emergency repair and you get them 10 new customers per month, would it be worth it?
    Would it be worth it if they only had 5 new customers?


    Local small businesses NEED your help. You would be doing a disservice if you don't help them.
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    Then don't sell SEO services. Sell marketing services ;-)
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    Try county or area wide.
    For example, my town has a similar issue and the population is a little more spread out so people around here tend to search by county or area name and not by individual town. Try craigslist; the had & solved this issue the same way I explained and found some of the most popular used keywords for local areas for you.

    It turns out there were more searches for local services in my area than I originally thought.
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