Stop Preparing to Get Ready!

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When it comes to making phone calls to
businesses its very easy to "get ready to
get ready"

Writing and rewriting your script doesn't
make you money

going over what you are going to say
in your head does NOT make you money

The phone weighs 1000 lbs the first time
you pick it up but gets easier with each call

just do it! nobody is gonna shoot you for
calling them

Good Luck

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    Good shout, of course another way some people (me) may keep "getting ready" is by making sure absolutely everything that could be is all set and in place before we start making calls/making appointments :\
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    I used to get ready to get ready. The only problem was it didn't make me any money. Then I decided to actually do something and I started making money. Weird how that works huh?

    haha There is always going to be something else to do before you actually get started, but you just can't let it stop you. You just have to decide one day that you are done making excuses and take that first step. Plus, once you get rolling things get easier and easier.

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    Funny thing, how this warrior forum thingy is all about making money with online marketing, yet so many people are gravitating to "offline" stuff, where, generally speaking, you have to go out and make sales the old fashioned way!

    There's a reason good sales people make so much money: cold calling sucks.
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    That does it you have convinced me ,,,,,, Next week I will stop procrastinating
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      Originally Posted by Cathy Shelver View Post

      That does it you have convinced me ,,,,,, Next week I will stop procrastinating
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    I agree with you. Trying this method is very good rather than not trying any thing. No one will kill us in telephone , but we need to prepare for any type of repy from the customers. Prospective customers are identified by various types previous request information people, we may taken numbers from the people in shopping malls using applications or competition entry forms. According to there interest we need to pursue them and convince them in the words.
    This job will be really tough to some people and might be interest to some others.

    Get ready to ace your digital marketing interview with our comprehensive guide to the most commonly asked questions and answers. Upgrade your skills today!

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    Thanks Cathy,

    And I'm gonna stop procrastinating the week after that.


    "Never make someone a priority in your life who makes you an option in theirs." Anon.
    "Some see private enterprise as a predatory target to be shot, others as a cow to be milked, but few are those who see it as a sturdy horse pulling the wagon." -- Winston Churchill

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    I know for my self, I wanted to have "everything in place" before I started. So, I thought I had it all in place, then I said to my self, self: You don't have an invoicing system. So blundered a couple more days away not trying to get clients..then I got one (freshbooks). Then I said self: You really need to upgrade your paypal to preferred. So I pushed it off again: Then I said , you need like an 800 number, but before I could push it off again, my fiance finally said "You are never going to do this are you? You keep finding reasons NOT to get started, just like when I ask you to take out the trash and you always says 'yeah later after commercial" and never do, I know you Ryan!" -

    So I had to prove her wrong, I actually used the method I learned in a WSO, sent out 3 letters, and got the call back. I sucked up the close, and didn't get the client, BUT I actually took action (even though I was ninja mind screwed by my fiance).

    Tomorrow, I am rinsing and repeating, and waiting on that phone to ring -

    But I still refuse to take out the trash in a timely fashion on her whims.

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    Takes me about 5 minutes to get ready... to NOT do cold calling. There are far better marketing strategies, yet some people seem to know how to make it work - while the majority only attains little to no results.
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