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When would be the best time to send emails to potential clients?

I have a website that I would like to rent/sale to lawyers, but I don't want to send the email today if you think it will get buried in their email on Monday morning as they are going through every other email.

When do you guys suggest that I send the email so that it has the highest chance of being seen, and the lawyer having time to see and open it?

Thanks in advance for your reply,
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    I usually cold call into all my clients to get a phone number, email address, and time a Decision maker will be in office. I will then send an email in the AM and follow-up with visiting the office between the hours of 1 and 4. Hand them a brochure and business card then call back the next day and repeat until I can get a 15 minute meeting.

    Emails are good for warming up in my opinion not closing a sale.

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    I usually do on Tuesdays as I deal a lot with restaurants and Tuesdays are slow days so they are more than welcome to check out whatever helps them bring more business.

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    I will not be able to walk into these particular businesses since they are a good distance away from where I live.

    My plan, as of right now, is to send the emails on Tuesday, and follow up with a phone call Wednesday. Sound like a plan?

    Just as an FYI, here is what I have to offer:

    The keyword my site ranks for gets 3600 searches per month, and my site is sitting at position 6 on page 1.

    I am getting around 250 visitors each month to my site.

    I plan on letting them take over the site with their business info for a set monthly price.

    Niche is lawyers.

    What are your thoughts on pricing? I am going to start at $199 per month to see how the response is. What do you think?

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    Send the email on Wednesday. If the Lawyer is anything like my old boss in the computer industry, this is a good time that they can be reached, because they're finally getting through reading all the emails that has accumulated in their inbox.
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    These are all great suggestions!

    Jonathan Perry - Affiliate Manager


    PM Before Signing Up

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      Originally Posted by vpunch View Post

      These are all great suggestions!
      Your new to the forum and made dozens of nonsense posts. Try getting your post count up by contributing something substantial, PLEASE.
      T J Tutor
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    I just sent you a PM...hit me up on skype please.
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    I just added you on skype. I cannot reply to the pm because of low post count.

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    I think it depends on what you are sending. I typically send it on Tuesdays because its their 2nd work day - have more time for themselves and can relax a little bit.
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    Base on my experience, great time to send emails to clients or a prospective clients would be at morning.
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