So I was fired..........

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Here is a little story for you guys, just read for fun and think a little bit about it. Before Thanksgiving, I had 2 problems

1- I was fired from my job, a job that I had worked for 5 years
2- My car broke down, the starter burn and I can see smoke came from under the engine

Cost to fix car: $500

So, I was not really lucky, right?

But no, continue to read.

For a few months lately, beside affiliate marketing, I have been selling online on Amazon and eBay but I didn't get much from them. The sales was ok, I make the same as my salary from my job. I planned to quit my job next year so I want to allow some times to increase more sale and profit.
Suddenly, one day, I was fired, without prior notice. It was bad, but I was like "meh, I wanted to quit anyway". In fact, I was a little worried that if the sales on Amazon and eBay are not high enough, I won't have money to pay my bills.

So, since I'm free now, I focus 100% on my business, hoping that I could make a difference.

Let me tell you this: I Did make a difference.

For the past 10 days, approximately 2 weeks after I was fired, my daily sales skyrocket to over $1000, some days more than $2000. Usually for each $1 I spent, I made $2 back so you do the math. Everyday I make roughly $300 to $500. I'm not sure about you, but for a single guy with no girlfriend, no car payment, no home payment, no pet, no.....nothing like me, it is more than enough to live. I don't know if this increase in sales is temporary or not since it is holiday season but I'm trying to make as much as possible. Right now I'm expanding my business everyday. I find new products to sell and do more research about potential market.

So, I made it. I managed to turn the table in just 2 weeks. Losing a job is supposed to be devastating to someone but not to me. I don't encourage anyone to quit the current job because everyone is different. I just want to share a little story and I hope that one day, YOU can make a difference to your own life too.
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    Thanks for sharing. Wow.. That's great! You managed to to everything around within 2 weeks. I take my hats off you. Many in your position will be whining & mumbling.

    What methods did you use to make money? Affiliate marketing? PPC?
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    Well done and an inspiration to those who think loosing your job is the end of the world.
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    Wow, thats really inspiring. I'm thinking I could be successful in IM too with the help pros in WF but maybe not now. Hoping on 2012. Well see..

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    Way to go man. Sounds like you made a quality decision. A quality decision, unlike any other class of decision, is one where after you make it, you never even look back.
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    This just goes to show anything is possible, but only after you take action, you probably took action by the sounds of it. Nice work man, Keep it up
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    Hats off to ye for making it better than before. Most people would have gone on a holiday instead.
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    Seems it came at the perfect time. Not to be a downer, but Amazon sales go through the roof over the holidays. Many big sellers make the bulk of their income in just a few months. My wife sells on Amazon and she's suddenly selling tons of stuff that has been sitting in inventory since last Christmas holiday.
    On the plus side, get your systems in place and don't blow all the money you are making now and you should be able to make it more sustainable over the slower months.
    Good luck!
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    Sounds like my kind of story
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    this just shows that everything happens for a reason, congrats on your success
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      Originally Posted by Katie C View Post

      this just shows that everything happens for a reason, congrats on your success
      Totally agree with this

      I also believe that for every problem, there's a solution. Thanks for your inspiring story.
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    This is good news and a great share. It just shows that the end of one road will always lead to another. An inspiring story!
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    Congrats man! Motivated me! haha
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    well my friend,

    adversity is nothing more than hidden, spontaneous, and positive opportunity. Before seriously getting into the internet, I too have been fired from many jobs, sometimes for the most ignorant reasons. I've even had a full scholarship to college taken away from me because of the jealousy of others, and my personal shortcomings, though I have a 3.6 GPA. I've suffered mental growth in certain areas of my life spiritually for the past 10 years, and still continue to be a positive person today. So, with this i am telling you, it's nothing more than clear revelation that the worst things that happened to us can actually be a huge blessing in disguise. Keep your head up and always take a negative and turn it into a positive, by your way of positive thinking. stay inspired :-)
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    "adversity opens doors of spontaneous opportunity"

    Keep moving forward my friend :-)
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      Burn the ships. Full speed ahead.

      Congrats man!
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    lol this made me laugh....I LOVE THE ATTITUDE!!! You should share your methods
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    Impressive and Inspiring. Hats off to you. Thanks for sharing.

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    Wow wow, that's really inspiring.....
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    Brilliant Thanks for the share hopefully you can share your methods
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      Wow, very inspiring!
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    If this thread isn't a swift kick to my Azz, then I don't know what is. I'm very happy for you and wish you a successful 2012!
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    I'm noticing the same thing. I wasn't fired, but I am away from my second job at this time. I noticed that my revenue is growing now that I have more time to focus on IM.
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    The more you put in, the more you get out! Good work.
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      And yet it doesn't mean we should all go quit our jobs and join the IM brigade, though the thought has crossed my mind many times. Waiting for the day...
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    thanks for all of your reply. Hannibal once said "We either find a way or make one". He was unstoppable in battle. I always keep that valuable advice in my mind when I do business. Just yesterday I had a problem with Amazon about one of my products, can't say much detail here but it was one of my best selling products, but today I still receive tons of order from others. Now in 2 week my revenue reach 10k, profit is around 6-7k. I guess in this business or in any business, volume plays a very big role. I can lose a few products but the high volume will make up for it. When I have enough daily sale volume, I will be unstoppable.

    oh, and now I have tons of free time. Seriously, now I can walk outside in this beautiful weather to enjoy the day. Before, every morning I had to wake up with this though my mind:" Argh, I have to go to work again, so tired, just want to sleep". In my business, I make 10 times the money while using only a fraction of time and energy. Thanked to that I have more to do something I want to do, like continue to work on my book or just blow off some tanks in Battlefield 3
    Only by helping your fellow businessman, you can finally achieve true success
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    Nice sharing. I m agree with you. losing job is not end of the world. Inspiring story. keep sharing.
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    what a great story yukinara thanks for sharing, it just goes to show its the how you react to events that effects the outcome not the event itself, good luck to you I hope the success continues to grow

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      Wow truly an amazing and inspiring story ! Enjoy it !
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        Great story and of course now when you have free time you should expand the business and also focus to do more than one business.

        Good luck!
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    Great stuff Yukinara. It was your attitude that kept it all going.
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