Advice I Gave A New Marketer Close To Her First Deal Tonite

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I answer a lot of PMS and emails attempting to help serious offline marketers break through. I've been coaching a young woman in
financial difficulty, who just got a call off her first mailing..

I honestly feel what I told her tonite, others here could benefit from...
an earlier message I sent her shared some new powerful dialogues I use with clients.

Anyway, I removed her name, for privacy reasons.

"Thanks...use the contract in your wso kit....if he agrees to go forward, just use apologies, no, "I know you're a lawyer sir, blah, blah"...

just assume it's fine...he will likely want to change it- I don't care...

UNLESS, only 2 things are inviolate:

1. You must get a 50% deposit before beginning work.- no exceptions
2. You will not sign any thing that says you "guarantee to produce a certain SEO Google ranking".....if he were to say such, reply: I f I owned the Google company I could guarantee that, since I don't, I won't make such a guarantee"..."I would rather lose your business, than begin this relationship by lying." (and then shut up.)

The less said at the end the tough, be a little tiger.

Be the actress you were born to be.

Men in these situations respect tough women, and are not impressed by weaker women. Assume everybody is always going to try and take advantage, that way, there's no surprises.

Now, as to 'mindset', you're not alone in having this problem.

When I was young and starting out in sales, I was afraid of everything and everybody...all the time.

I was afraid of the phone, afraid I'd say the wrong thing, afraid I'd offend, afraid I didn;t know enough, afraid of losing the sale, afraid of being broke, afraid of looking foolish, afraid of being yelled at, afraid of being insulted, afraid they would want their money back, afraid that I was wasting my time, afraid I wasn't cut out for this,

.....YOU NAME IT, I OVERTHOUGHT IT, I PROCRASTINATED, I OVER ANALYZED EVERY LITTLE STUPID THING!!!!!!!!!!!! (name), can you relate? ...can you hear me???

BOTTOM LINE: it didn't change a friggin thing - nothing...'they' will do what they will do. What goes on in YOUR head, doesn't change what goes on in THEIR head...

If you were my own sister, this is the advice I would earnestly give you:

LET GO OF FEAR.. EMBRACE THE UNKNOWN, WORK HARDER and THINK LESS than you ever have. Ignore any negative thought or person - you can't afford the luxury of a negative thought or doubt.

Decide tonite, if the ship goes down, you will be the last surviving will outswim them all, you will paddle harder, row faster, yell for help louder, ...

and that you will never, ever, ever quit...

in fact, vow to die trying....

Then, at that exact moment, I can finally assure you of TOTAL SUCCESS.

It would be worth it to reread this message, and let it embed into your mind
and replace your present mindset for the better.....

be the actress you were born to be."

Regards, Bruce 'act' until you 'are'.
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    This thread deserves a bump, thanks Bruce, I have been getting quite a few clients lately and still I am crippled by fears from achieving exactly what I could.
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      Very powerful words of wisdom straight from the heart. Your passion to help is undeniable. Its got me pumped up as well. Thanks for sharing Bruce.

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    Good stuff my man! Love it and PERFECT timing.

    Scott M Krech, President
    Profitable Marketing Solutions LLC

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    Let's get Bruce's post back up to the top for a moment, so others can see it...he addresses a lot of the fear people new to selling their own services feel. Remember, most of the fears and worries you have are unfounded, and will never actually materialize. The world tends to take you at face value--you are, to them, what you say you are.

    Ever seen Catch Me If You Can? A simple phone call would have undone many of the lies diCaprio's character based his personas on. But nobody called him on them!

    I'm not saying "lie". I'm saying that if you present yourself as a calm, confident and skilled individual with expertise that can help out others, the world will accept you as that very thing.
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    Hey Bruce - thanks for this!

    This is perfect, I just had a potential client that has been e-mailing back and forth, he wanted a guaranteed top #3 listing and a time frame, to which I told him (paraphrased) " I cannot guarantee you a top 3 listing nor can I guarantee the timefreame, and beware of anyone that does they just want your business. I can only guarantee the work that I will do will have a positive impact on your rankings. The goal is the top spot."

    his e-mail reply was "What is your number, I want to talk more".

    So we moved from e-mailing back and forth, to something more serious on the phone. The fact I didn't promise him the world , which I am sure has been promised in the past, got me further into negotiations with him, and it seems he respected my being straight forward with him. (owns a photography business)

    I will definitely keep this rebuttal in my hip pocket, it is short and to the point!

    Thanks again.
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    some things come at just the right time I will let others know of
    this thread that was a really nice thing that you said to her

    "If you were my sister"

    Sometimes as marketers we forget we have what they are looking for
    so we should always be confident

    and always remember there will always be another customer we
    just need to stay the course.

    Good stuff Bruce
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    Great info Bruce, I'm sure a lot of people here can benefit from this.

    When I started working retail management I quickly learned the more confident you are while talking with people, the less likely they are to question you. Just go in there and ask for the upfront payment like it's standard business. If you expect them to give it to you, chances are they will.

    Facebook page for inspiration & JV opportunities-

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      Awesome advice. Thanks!

      I'm still in the early stages of my offline career and I certainly know what it's like to be afraid for all the reasons you mentioned. I only have one client right now that I'm doing SEO for and I'm constantly worried that they won't be happy with the results and cancel our relationship. This thread has made me see it in a different way though. I know I'm doing my best work for them and worrying about it isn't going to change anything, so I just need to keep plugging away.
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    This kind of coaching is not so easy to get from others, I have to say. It's so timely, and I'm wondering how this client presentation worked out. Care to share more, Bruce?
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      nice information
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        I just came across this thread while searching threads started by Bruce NewMedia. It seems to me that Bruce has some powerful WSO's. I haven't purchased any from him yet, but I'm planning to buy one in the next few minutes.

        Then I came to this thread and saw that he is offering advice for free! Thanks, Bruce.
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  • Profile picture of the author John Durham

    I was wondering where you went! You changed names. I checked this post just to see if it was you!

    Nice to cya!
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