My Successful First Offline Project

by whyu76
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Dear warrior,

Let me share my first successful offline project with you.

Offline marketing really can made money. I targeted a franchise food and beverage restaurant which in franchise basis in my local area..

The owner himself know how to facebook and created the group for discussion. First I was invited to his group and join for the discussion. I try built relationship with the owner (through facebook and went to his restaurant to hang out). The gruop now have around 120 members.

I ask him why not he use facebook fanpage to increase their sales? You guess what was the answer I was given? He said now everyday everybody talking about facebook so he just created the group so that other people would not said he is outdated!! He had no idea how to apply the marketing strategy through facebook. (That why their need our service!)

I explained to him I can include some marketing skill to enhance their marketing strategy. Initially he do not seem to believe. Then I show him the proof. I created the fanpage for him (no design but only upload the their logo). I ask him to check how many fans per day without I apply any marketing tool/ skill there. He was surprise to know that within 7 days already have 86 fans automatic like the page. If compare to group, he need to invite peoples instead the fans came automatic.

Then we had a deep discussion on the project and he agreed on the service provided.

To be frank this is my first offline project and it is deal. I am so happy and glad I made it!!

1) I personally do not believe you will get the project using mass email spam their inbox.
2) They do not know who we are, is hard for us to get the job.
3) Built the relationship / trust before propose anything.
4) Explain the logic of marketing through Facebook.
5) Provide after sales service.

You comment and idea are most welcome.
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