Don't Doubt Yourself- Just Get Started

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I want to share something that I think will help other Warrior's wondering (and worrying) about getting started in offline marketing.

I stopped by a family friends booth at Union Square market just to visit them. After talking a bit I casually mentioned I'm doing online marketing for small business owners when they asked what kind of "job" I have.

They asked me if I could help them with getting the word out about their booth; they sell winter handmade scarves, gloves ad such.

They ended up paying me $250 on the spot to improve their Facebook page, make a few updates to Twitter and email their previous clients to tell them to come down to the market.

The moral of the story is when I first started out I had a lot of doubts about my abilities or worried the business owner wouldn't be interested because they get so many requests for whatever kind of service you offer.

The truth is you know more than you think and a lot more than many small business owners about online marketing. Just something as simple as article writing makes their eyes light up (I'm getting paid $30 per article by another biz owner for article writing)

It doesn't have to be as complicated as it seems. Just start cold calling, emailing, posting ads on Craigslist- whatever method of contact you choose just start and have a goal of contacting a set number of people. They can even be family or friends as that's a really good way to get references.

Start small and go from there, after you get your first paying client it only gets easier and fears, doubts, etc.. suddenly take a back seat to growing your income by helping people who really need (and are looking) your service.
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    Exactly! The most important thing is to go out there and DO something. There are a million reasons why things could "not work" - but if all you care about is counting those reasons, you can be sure that it never will.

    Now take the next step - ask them if they know somebody who you might help as well! Nothing better than word of mouth.

    Also, make sure to get their written review/comment on your services, so you'll build up something to show the next clients.

    Good luck!

    Rob Konrad
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    The old adage...nothing ventured, nothing gained...still rings true. Fear of failure and rejection is the biggest enemy for someone just starting. I know this first hand. Eventually you just have to go for it and be willing to fail a few times.
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      Originally Posted by SteveBagasao View Post

      The old adage...nothing ventured, nothing gained...still rings true. Fear of failure and rejection is the biggest enemy for someone just starting. I know this first hand. Eventually you just have to go for it and be willing to fail a few times.
      As my old Dad used to say :

      "The guy that never made a mistake never made anything"

      Just go for it - do it - develop it as you go along
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        Great post.

        This is my biggest problem.

        I have the know-how, I have the resources, I spent hours and hours on the technical side, I have the email scripts, I have everything ready.

        Then fear always creeps its ugly head in. And if I do take some action, it is usually for like only one or two days - I get discouraged, lose confidence...and start over...rinse and repeat.

        It is a wall I must break through.
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    Congrats! Great thread and glad to hear you sharing your experience. It is a great start and putting things into action is the way to go. Learning from mistakes, adjusting, and moving forward is the key to success.
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    keep this in mind - I helped my Brother in law get his Google places page set up and in the top 7 (he bagged 3 nice jobs because of the reviews). Started talking to him about some other basic stuff (basic to me), He looked at me and said "I have no idea what the f@#% you are talking about!". Don't assume anything - biz owners have no clue. He spends a TON of money on Val Pack etc. Has no website.

    Growing older but not up!

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    No Doubt Offline Marketing can be very beneficial to Bringing new customers to your business. Most Offline businesses have no idea how to market their business online. So your Article Writing services aught to be very helpful to these businesses trying to increasing their presence.
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  • Good post Ehanson!

    Sometimes all it takes is a kick up the ass to get the ball rolling. And once you get that first taste of success (your first paying customer) you'll never look back!

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