Got 1 client and 2 websites last week!

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Got 2 websites from a manager of 2 health clinics. It was from some emails I sent out promoting my free web design special for December.

I am doing the design for free, and $35 per month for each site for maintenance.

I am doing nice Wordpress sites for them.

My goal is to up sell them on other services, and hopefully get some referrals.

Thanks to everyone that has helped me get going with my offline biz.

I plan on ramping this up big time after new years selling basic design packages with maintenance. My main goal is to build up my monthly recurring income.

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    WooHoo! That is awesome!

    So, how many emails did you send out before you received this client
    and the 2 sites?

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    This is what I am planning on doing. Do you have a website promoting your services?
    Professional Web Designers
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    I sent around 45 emails to get this client. I found people on Craigslist that had their email address listed and sent them an email describing my promotion.

    I do have a website for my business, but I don't have any prices on there.
    Kymobilemedia dot com

    My focus next year will still be web design with up sells, and I plan on using cold calling, emails, online classifieds, and eventually direct mail. I will focus on one niche at a time to make it a little easier.

    Goal is 10 clients per month.

    Thanks guys

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    Awesome job kymobilemedia! Keep on keepin' on!

    Helping you go ALL In, in you can L.I.V.E ALL out! Catch your Dreams, don't just chase em'! Click here if you're ready for a New Life and New Dreams?

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    This is a good business model for getting clients with no up front costs to them and building you a recurring income.

    Are you just offering this as a "Monthly Special"? Do you usually charge something upfront? I try to charge a few hundred upfront and then $25+ recurring. It works out about the same initially, but I'm wondering if the no initial cost model will alllow us to get more clients? What do you think?
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    It will allow you to bring in more people initially. However, it would be best to let them know up front that this is a simple 3-5 page website with an investment of $25 (or whatever you decide to charge) per month. The last thing you want is someone paying you only for hosting and end up being very demanding. If they want anything additional make them pay for it... other than that you are in control and have the right to let a client go or choose not to take them up in the first place.

    The good thing about this model is that it's a client acquisition for you with a minimal investment on their part but it's also a great front-end offer to position yourself to eventually be able to assist them with other back-end offers such as SEO, social media marketing, videos, etc. So it's like a lead-generation of sorts to get your foot in the door and you will build trust with your clients along the way, especially when you give great customer service and over deliver on what you promised them!

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