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I have a company that's a year old, that i've recently begun building a site for. The Exact Match Domain is not available so i'm been contemplating using a (Partial Match+Abbreviated 2nd word) or just a complete abbreviate of the full name of the business (and the site)?

Thank you In Advance for sharing your thoughts, wisdom, and insight!


p.s. (for example purposes)

1) RockyRoadIcecream.com (Is not available)

2) www.rockyrdice.com

3)www. rockrdice.com (seriously contemplating this one)

4) Also considered www.Rocky-Road-Icecream.com
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    Are you incorporated or have a trademark? Cease and desist letters work great in that scenario.

    If not... then I wouldn't abbreviate it at all... is there a .net available? It depends on the search terms and volume I think. Although, if you're just going to be branding and not relying on some light SEO work for all your traffic then you should be find.

    Why not do... www.rockyroadicecreamonline.com ? Or something similar, unless it makes the domain too long like that did..
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    You must use domain name relating your business or purpose of your business.
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      rockrdice.com? FWIW my first impression of this name was something to do with games and puzzles!

      I agree with iAmNameLess and think it'd be better to spell the name out in full and add a word afterwards, or alternatively drop the name altogether and choose a keyword.
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      Originally Posted by dinoputiger View Post

      You must use domain name relating your business or purpose of your business.
      Not really... Maybe in Australia to get a .au domain but not in the rest of the world.
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        IamNameless, We did incorporate last year, but it was under
        a different name. I'm just going to change the name
        to suit the purposes and needs of the direction that
        we are taking the company now.
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    I think just adding a word at the end of the name is probably your best bet too. Maybe you could abbreviate the company name and follow it with the keyword (ex. RRIceCream.com). That depends on the name of the company. I usually repeat the domain out loud to myself a few times, if it sounds decent then I usually roll with it.
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    Get the google adword keyword tool help for the keyword selection that is beneficial to name yourdomain.
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